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Adding a co-owner or beneficary to a Savings Bond registration

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Adding a co-owner or changing the beneficiary of a Savings Bond never causes a taxable event, so it’s a simple case to deal with:

  • Forms:
    • For electronic Savings Bonds at Treasury Direct. you can manage the registrations online. See my post Changing the registration in Treasury Direct for more information.
    • For paper Savings Bonds use Public Debt Form 4000 .
  • Warnings and Cautions:
    • You must sign the form and your signature must be certified by a bank – don’t sign the back of the Savings Bonds themselves
    • The Treasury won’t reissue paper bonds to update an address or to change denominations unless a bond is being split between heirs or parties to a divorce
    • Changing the beneficiary on the older and no longer issued Series E or Series H bonds requires the consent of the current beneficiary
    • A new co-owner must be related to you by blood or marriage
    • Keep in mind that a Savings Bond registration can have only a co-owner or a beneficiary, not both
    • Without creating a taxable event, the first-named or principal owner of a Savings Bond can:
      • remove or change the beneficiary
      • remove the beneficiary and add a co-owner
      • remove or change the second-named owner or co-owner
      • remove the co-owner and add a beneficiary

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