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Where to buy activated carbon

where to buy activated carbon

Activated Carbon/Catalytic Carbon/KDF Filters

Whole House Carbon Filter

A whole-house filter system treats all water traveling to any faucet or fixture in the home. It removes the chemical before it can be ingested, breathed in, or absorbed by the skin during washing or bathing. A larger carbon filter like this one provides better filtration because of the amount of carbon, and depth of the filter bed. It does not cause a water pressure drop in your home compared to solid block carbon filter installed at the point of entry.

Carbon removes/reduces many volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides and herbicides, as well as chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, radon, solvents and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water. Although some iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide will be

removed by higher quality activated Catalytic Carbon filters, a Pyrolox filter is generally preferred to remove these contaminants if they are at high levels, as the effectiveness of carbon filters against iron and manganese is generally short-lived if the contaminant concentration is high.

Carbon filters are NOT generally successful at removing dissolved inorganic contaminants or metals such as minerals/salts (hardness or scale-causing contaminants), antimony, arsenic, asbestos, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, mercury, nickel, nitrates/nitrites, selenium, sulfate, thallium, and certain radio nuclides. Removing these contaminants requires a reverse osmosis water filter system for the purest drinking water.

Granular Activated Carbon does not remove sediment / particulate material very well, consider a sediment pre-filter, otherwise the sediment will clog the activated carbon thereby reducing the surface area available for absorption.

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