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Coffee is just coffee right? Wrong. If you try to order coffee online with this mindset then you’re likely to run into a lot of foul tasting experiences. The rich aroma and flavor of coffee is perhaps one of its strongest attractions. But it isn’t every coffee bland or blend that can be expected to guarantee this. Learning more about coffee will help you in making a better decision.

Despite the wide variety of coffee beans and blends, there are two basic types of coffee species: Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Robusta beans have higher caffeine content than Arabica beans. They are preferred for commercial production because they do not require as much attention and can grow at a much faster rate. Arabica beans are however considered to be more superior to Robusta beans and form the basis of many gourmet coffee blends.

The next important factor that you should take into consideration before you order coffee online is the roast type. Being familiar with the characteristic of the different coffee roasts will allow you make a better purchase. After the beans are harvested, they are heated at temperatures ranging from 210 c to 240 c. This way the sugar and starch within the coffee beans is caramelized. It also releases the fat within the coffee beans producing the coffee oil that is responsible for its rich flavor and unique taste.

The length of time that coffee beans are roasted will affect its coloring. When you try to order coffee online you’ll find a wide variety of roast types from light to medium to

dark.  Lighter coffee roast tend to have a more acidic bite to their flavoring because of their higher caffeine content. Medium coffee roasts however have a richer (and more appealing) flavor. However, the darkest coffee beans tend to have a blander flavor with a distinct burnt taste.

If you’re going to order coffee online then you’ll need to be familiar with the different “coffee terms”. Coffee roasts are commonly identified by the region from which they originate. For instance, ‘American roast’ is the coffee term used to describe beans that are medium-roasted. American roast is very popular within the eastern and western coast because of its pleasant taste. Dark French/Italian roast on the other hand are considered to be one of the darkest roasts.

An important point to note is that the region within which the coffee is grown will also affect its final flavor. A dark French roast from Indonesia will taste different from a similar French roast from Brazil even if they both look alike. Your personal preferences will affect the type of coffee that you choose to buy.

There are dozens of coffee houses that you can order your coffee from. Some of these have become very popular because of the high quality of their coffee blends. If you’re looking for a reliable place to order coffee online, then a great option is Java Distribution. With over a dozen different blends, roasts and coffee flavors, Java Distribution is home to some of the finest coffee options on the planet. To start your search for the right coffee today, visit .

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