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Spencer to Toby

In "Know Your Frenemies " while Toby was out of prison on bail, Spencer is out running when she sees him across the street. She crouches down next to a car and watches the awful way people of Rosewood treat him. After some little kids run away from him, truly frightened, he runs into an alley to cry. Crossing the road, Spencer looks into the alley seems to pity him for once.

While looking out Emily's bedroom window in "Je Suis une Amie " Spencer notices Toby cleaning up the remains of his mailbox which had been vandalized, a common occurrence of late. She apologizes to Emily for badmouthing him, but Emily thinks she is directing the apology to the wrong person. Later, at school, Spencer and Emily spot a flier calling for a French tutor for a home-schooled student, obviously Toby, who is currently under house arrest. Spencer pulls down the flier, hoping she can share information with Toby and learn who is framing them both.

At the Cavanaugh home, Spencer stops to pick up the mail, which has been unceremoniously dropped on the ground in the absence of a mailbox. When Toby opens the door, she hands him the mail, and he wordlessly takes it. Before he shuts the door again, she informs him that she is there to tutor him, as per the school's advertisement. He accepts her offer to meet on the porch, since he can't leave his property, but also doesn't want to study with Spencer in the house, too close to Jenna. Spencer then gives Toby a French translation of "Catcher in the Rye ," explaining the best way to learn another language is to read a book you have already read, but in that other language. He asks how she knows that he's read the book before, and she confesses that she noticed him reading it at the Apple Rose Grille. Toby questions Spencer's motives in helping him, seeing her behavior as a complete reversal. Spencer confides that she thinks that he was framed and now believes that she is being framed too. They commiserate together, and Spencer properly apologizes for suspecting him. When they start discussing the evidence from the day Alison disappeared, they are startled by someone (Jenna) suddenly shutting a window and Toby heads back inside, thanking her for the book.

Spencer shows up to Toby's home and is nonplussed when he tells her to leave with barely any explanation. He hands her the French textbook and closes the door behind him, leaving her on the doorstep. She later spots a note tucked in the book. It is a rubbing of a message he found in Jenna's room, telling her that he thinks she may be right about Jenna.

In the "The New Normal " Spencer, upset that the message Toby gave her appears to be nonsense, goes to his house to confront him. He tells her she is reading it wrong and to come back Saturday morning when Jenna is at her flute lesson. Later, she has an epiphany and is able to decipher the code. Spencer visits Toby's home again, and finding the door open, goes snooping in Jenna’s room until Toby warns her to stop.

Toby had been on the phone with the District Attorney and learned the charges are being dropped, as the blood evidence they collected was corrupted, and they can’t go to trial with it. Thus, Toby is no longer under house arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. He can have his tracking anklet removed as soon as he goes to the Rosewood Police Department. Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him. He grabs Spencer's hand and walks past Jenna.

After leaving the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer takes Toby to the town limits, where the non-vandalized Rosewood population sign stands. She wants him to be able to enjoy his newfound freedom. Spencer also informs Toby that she figured out the Braille message he left her "214." Toby doesn't know what it means, but he did overhear Jenna talking about Spencer when she printed out that embossed message. Toby posits that Jenna is afraid of Spencer and the girls. Later, she drives him home, passing the motel. In "The Badass Seed ," Toby and Spencer talk at her house to discuss the meeting she witnessed between Jenna and Ian that day at school. Spencer demands that Toby steal Jenna's phone so that they can uncover what he's hiding. At first, Toby doesn't want to because he doesn't want anything to do with Jenna at all. But Spencer convinces him that if he doesn't, he is liable to be framed for murder again. The next morning, Spencer makes Toby breakfast, even though he had breakfast plans with Emily, and he hands her Jenna's phone, which he stole the night before. He is afraid of Jenna's reaction. Spencer uses the opportunity to ask Toby why Alison had been so sure that Toby was the one spying on them. He doesn't know, but is firm that he never spied on anyone.

Spencer and her friends discover a piece of evidence at school which they believe proves Ian killed Alison and turn it over to the police. Emily can sense Spencer's growing friendship with Toby and encourages her to be the one to tell him the good news.

Toby and Spencer's friendship develops into something more in "A Person of Interest ." Toby is staying at the

motel to escape Jenna's wrath, who knows he went in her room and stole her cell phone. Toby also tells Spencer that he will help her in any way that he can. After Toby goes to get a room, Spencer hears flute music coming from Room 214 - the braille numbers! When she peeks through the window into the room, she sees a bag from "Neufelds," the same exact bag Ian mysteriously gave Jenna. After school, Spencer goes to keep Toby company in his hotel room, not too keen on returning home to her own accusing parents. Now she is the one being framed for Alison's murder, giving her incentive to step up this investigation with Toby. When Spencer sees a housekeeper pass by in the hallway, she gets an idea and offers her $20 to let them into Room 214. There, they find Jenna's glasses on the floor, and the shopping bag in the closet, unfortunately empty. Sure that Jenna's staying in the motel, Toby and Spencer stake the room out from the room next door. Spencer is hopped up on caffeine, and brings board games to keep them entertained, and also shows Toby an app on her phone which will enable them to listen through the walls. Toby joyfully beats Spencer at Scrabble, and since Spencer's staying overnight was not planned, Toby gives her his shirt to sleep in, keeping the trousers for himself. As he changes in the bathroom, Spencer sees him through the broken door and admires his abs. Later that night, after Toby has fallen asleep, Spencer changes, then gingerly curls up next to him. In the morning, Spencer wakes up first, finding herself wrapped around Toby. She disengages herself and leaves the bed before Toby wakes up, leaving him thinking that they slept far apart from each other. They hear noise from the ice machine outside then flute music coming from 214, but when they open the door, they see it was only an audio recording, and they soon realize it‘s just another set-up by the nefarious "A." The notorious Neufeld's shopping bag is filled with ice, with a note from "A" telling them they're ice cold. It may be a set up, but it definitely brings these two closer. Spencer and Toby part in the parking lot of the motel. Toby is planning to stay another night, and invites Spencer to come back. The two share an unexpected first kiss.

Toby checks on Spencer.

In "Someone to Watch Over Me ," Toby comes over and informs Spencer the cops are outside watching. He is all too familiar with the feeling of being suspected by the police and coaches Spencer accordingly, urging her to serve the cops coffee in a bold move acknowledging their presence, yet not being afraid. Later, Toby and Spencer spend comforting time sitting alone in her house. He apologizes for Jenna's involvement in hurting Hanna (by using Caleb), feeling partially responsible. Spencer wonders if it's too late to run away. She recounts a story from her childhood. When she was 7, she and Melissa got into a huge fight and their parents sided with Melissa. Spencer was so upset, she made herself a tuna-salad sandwich and ran away. to the movies, where she watched an animated princess film. She returned home when she got lonely only to find that no one even noticed she was missing. Toby then says that if she ever has the urge to run away again to call him first, and he takes her hand. In "Monsters in the End ," Spencer's mother tells her not to see Toby anymore. Blatantly ignoring this, Spencer goes to Toby, who is fixing his motorcycle. Toby knows that Spencer is innocent, but when he sees a cop car pull up closely, he suggests that she leave and offers to visit her in her home later. He picks up on the fact that her parents would rather he not come around, though. So, they agree to meet up at the festival at 7 PM instead. Jenna comes out of the house, then, and calls Toby to drive her to school. At the festival, Spencer gets a text from Toby, telling her to meet him in the funhouse. The text, however, was not really from Toby, it was a set-up from "A." Spencer gets trapped in the funhouse until Ian and her family show up and free her. Then Spencer gets a real text from Toby asking where she is. She is shaken, but unharmed. Spencer exits the fun house and soon spots Toby waiting for her. Her mother demands that she follows her home, but after a moment's hesitation, Spencer runs into Toby's arms. They embrace tightly and then kiss in front of Spencer's mother and sister and nosy church lady Mrs. Ackard. In "For Whom the Bell Tolls ," Toby and Spencer are seen in her room reading and studying, respectively, until Toby calls Spencer over to sit on his lap by the window; where she soon falls asleep.

"You're my safe place to land."

After a while, Spencer gets a text from her sister, saying that she needs a ride home from the church. Toby tells Spencer that he'll keep Jenna busy like she wants him to, but he wishes he was going with her instead. She tells him that he's helping her by finding out if Jenna's involved in Alison's murder. She then tells him that he is her safe place to land, and that she wants him to stay safe. They kiss again.

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