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Where to buy banksy art

where to buy banksy art

We already know what a cultural phenomenon Banksy has become. He’s gone from a teenage tagger to a well-known artist making multi-million dollar art. His style and message have, ironically, been wholeheartedly embraced by the very type of people he mocks. Celebrities and members of the art world have praised his unconventional pieces. Government officials in some cities have ordered workers to leave Banksy’s graffiti alone despite their normal policy of removing all graffiti. As the buzz around his name grows, so does the number of places where Banksy street art is spotted. This is part eight, concluding our series on all aspects of Banksy Art and Graffiti .

Banksy got his start in Bristol and there are, predictably, still some traces of his antics around the streets. The Bristol City Council, once frustrated with his graffiti, now has a standing order to leave all Banksy pieces where they are rather than removing or painting over them. There’s no telling how

many of his early works in Bristol were removed before that order took effect.

Banksy’s most recent journey to America included a trip to New Orleans to decorate some of the buildings affected by Hurricane Katrina. On his website. Banksy talks about his first impressions of Nola: “I looked out the window of the taxi on the drive into New Orleans and remarked ‘There’s still so much devastation – I can’t believe they haven’t cleaned this mess up.’ To which the driver stared at me and said ‘This part of wasn’t affected by the hurricane – it’s always looked like this.’”

Banksy’s influence can be seen and felt all around the world. Street artists who have never even seen a Banksy piece in person have been inspired by his message and the way he gets it across to people. It seems pretty likely that we’ll see Banksy art popping up in even more places around the world in the future.

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