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Where to buy bassett furniture

where to buy bassett furniture

I can give you a list of what is considered better and upscale furniture.

Just be aware: Nearly all furniture "made in the USA" now is actually assembled in the USA, but the parts are made in Malaysia and China and imported here to be assembled. There are still some manufacturers who really do make the whole item here in this country, but they are becoming more and more rare.

Broyhill and Bassett are not high end furniture retailers, although I certainly have a few of their pieces. I especially am fond of Broyhill's rustic knock-offs and own some of their Attic Heirlooms group (kitchen island, several end tables). Thomasville has some junk, too, but for medium price range they are fine (just be aware - a LOT of faux "wood" and veneers out there) Lane is also that same mid-range and you just have to pay attention to the composition of the casegoods. For the price, they can be a good solution.

Furniture Brands International has acquired a lot of local brands over the years, including:Lane, Thomasville, Drexel Heritage, Henredon, Hickory Chair, Pearson, Lane. I have a Drexel sofa purchased in the late 80s and recovered. the upholsterer offered to buy the finished product from me for $4000. That's how nice it was (frame/fabric/down cushions). However, dont know the current quality of Drexel Heritage would have held up that well. That's why I recommend that folks consider used furniture.

Here is my list of better and high end furniture manufacturers, sold in this area:

Baker (used Baker is a good value, btw)

Century - high end - although they do import some frames, Century is basically an NC product

Highland House (now owned by Century - I have two of their wingchairs--decent price point and construction)

Hancock & Moore - known for their leather. I think they may own Councill. not sure

Habersham (country casual)


Henkel-Harris - very nice quality - solid woods - usually have a Fall Sale this time of year - known for 18th C reproductions (located in Virginia and to my knowledge, still family owned)


Hickory Chair (Have a lot of their casegoods - very good quality)

Hickory White

Hitchcock Chair (out of business, but their chairs from the 70s & 80s are still sometimes available at estate sales. My kitchen chairs are Hitchock, purchased in the 80s and are still beautiful)

Karges (basically French/Italian - well made)

Kittinger - the mother of all furniture, lol. This is high end, custom and heirloom quality. My favorite

brand. I aspired to own Kittinger and it was a big deal to me to finally obtain it. I am into 18th C furniture and their reproductions are superb. Best furniture on the market, IMHO.

La-Z-Boy owns several companies, including Alexvale (nice for rattan type items, sunroom decor) and Kincaid

American Drew - a "best buy" for quality and price point

Bernhardt - one of the few companies still locally owned by the founding family

Bradington Young - haven't looked at their leathers lately so don't know if I am impressed with them these days or not. A few years ago, they were well-known as the "go to" for home theatre seating.

Classic Leather - good quality, both in construction and leathers

Colonial Furniture - still made in USA (located in Pennsylvania) - and use hardwoods

Councill (used to be Councill Craftsman) - as far as I know, still made in NC and uses hardwoods

Craftique - RECENTLY OUT OF BUSINESS (Mebane, NC) - if you like 18th C reproductions, they made some nice pieces. If you can find close-outs - this is good quality furniture. I am very saddened to see another company closing.

Sherrill - used to be top line with upholstery; have heard their quality is not on the same level as it was when my nearly 20 year old Sherrill sleeper sofa was manufactured.

Harden - nice solid wood - located in NY

When buying upholstery, a Broyhill sofa will work fine but just realize. I have gone through 3 loveseats and sofas in the last 20 years, all Broyhill (and used in the family room). It was worth it to me to get bargain prices at the Lenoir Outlets and simply replace them, as I knew I would want to redecorate about the same time the sofas would wear out, lol. We have dogs and lots of males flopping down on sofas, so ours take a lot of abuse. As long as you don't expect the upholstery to still look pristine in 10 years, you will be fine. I give Broyhill upholstery a 7 year life span, wh/ has worked out fine for me as I have been able to buy my stuff at substantial discounts over the last 20 years. Prior to the 90s, I bought all Hickory Chair upholstery, and one of the sofas I purchased is still being used in my parents living room (down filled, 8 way hand tied coils, Williamsburg fabric, 18th C design-still looks new). IF you want a sofa to last 30 plus years, don't buy Broyhill.

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