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Where is the best place to buy nuts in bulk?

where to buy cashew nuts

With nuts becoming more and more popular both as a snack and a cooking ingredient, more people are looking to buy nuts in larger quantities.

Where is the best place to buy nuts in bulk?  Well there are a couple of things to consider first, such as what’s more important to you out of cost and quality.

There are multiple places to source your nuts from, so let’s take a look at some of the options.

You may have noticed that both Coles and Woolworths have improved their offerings when it comes to nuts.

Both supermarkets now have considerable space devoted to nuts, and some Coles stores in particular have a fairly impressive self-serve setup.

But are they any good when it comes to buying in bulk?  That depends on what you consider to be bulk!

If you’re after a kilo of pistachios. sure you’ll be able to duck down to the local supermarket and pick up a kilo.

If you need five kilos however, you might find that the best value doesn’t necessarily come from paying retail price at a supermarket.

As for quality, that’s something that you’ll probably need to decide for yourself.

Online Stores

The internet has made purchasing many things quicker and easier, and bulk nuts are no exceptions.

A quick search will reveal a number of Australian websites providing the ability to buy a range of different nuts in large quantities.

There are a

few things to look out for here, especially the shipping cost, as when we’re talking bulk nuts we’re definitely talking in kilograms, and when you start posting things measured by the kilo there is the potential for cost to become an issue.

Buying bulk nuts online can certainly be a great option, but just check the shipping costs first, and also check the time frame on shipping if you’re in a hurry to get your nuts.

Another important area to check when buying online is how fresh the nuts are.  Any decent online retailer should have some information on their website which details the age of the nuts you are buying.

We’ve put together a list of online nut retailers which you can check out by following the link.

Specialist Stores & Wholesalers

If you prefer to see, touch and feel the produce before you purchase it, you may want to check out the specialty nut sellers, and potentially even wholesalers if you are buying in serious bulk.

Some wholesalers will still sell to the public, and if they are turning over their stock quite regularly you should find some good fresh nuts.

The only potential issue with this option is access.  If you live outside of a major metro area you may find that there are no specialty outlets or wholesalers close by.

If this is the case for you, then buying you nuts in bulk online may be the best option.

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