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2015 First Day of School

North Brunswick campus: Monday September 1st

Garwood campus: - Tuesday September 8th

OPEN HOUSE - Montessori+Chinese Program (Age 2.5-6)

Garwood campus: Saturday August 22nd, 10AM -2PM

Recent Events

Garwood campus: - Tuesday September 8th


Testimonials - 2013 Summer Camp

"I think Spring Academy is a wonderful place. In the morning, we start with daily hardworking classes like Chinese and English. During the afternoons, we have so much fun doing things like robotics, dancing, and we have snacks like ice pops and pretzels. In my opinion, Spring Academy is a wonderful place, and I hope you'll give it a chance too!"

-Ryan Galligan- Grade 5- Cranford

"Spring Academy provides an abundance of fun and learning!"

- Kyle Cui- Grade 5- Cranford

"I have to compliment how organized Spring Academy was. The teachers are young, top level and ready to teach. The curriculum is more advanced than public schools and provides a great education. In addition to academics,there are extracurricular activities like robotics, Kung Fu, guitar, and swimming. My personal favorite was robotics!"

- Dan Galligan- Grade 7- Cranford

"Spring Academy is full of fun

and learning! We practiced skills like reading and writing every day and also made really cool things in Robotics class. The younger students made a solar powered boat, and the older children made a robot beetle. Spring Academy is a great place for children to spend summers!"

-Meg Cui- Grade 8- Cranford

"I had an amazing time at Spring Academy! It prepares you for school but in fun ways. The teachers are nice, the activities are fun, and the food is delicious! It's also a good place to meet new friends!"

-Marissa Fang- Grade 6- Cranford

"Spring Academy was really fun, and I will never forget it!"

-Suzy Shen- Grade 7-Cranford

"Spring Academy is an amazing place. From swimming to robotics classes, everything is awesome! The food is delicious, and the teachers are cheerful. If you come, I bet you will think its the best camp ever!"

-Vanessa Huang- Grade 5- Edison

"I think this camp deserves an A+ because I made a lot of friends, had fun on field trips, and learned a lot from the awesome teachers. I sure hope I can come back next year!"

-Vanessa Zhou- Grade 4- Short Hills

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