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We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our product range is such that customers can find high quality items for less than they would pay elsewhere. We combine the finest materials in the world such as cashmere, silk and cotton with fine craftsmanship and exceptional designs so that you can enjoy a luxurious collection at very accessible prices. In addition we also have an excellent range of head wear that includes bonnets, headbands and head wraps, and if you are looking for a wool head scarf then you should be able to find something to match your personality and fashion taste. Depending on the occasion you can find an appropriate accessory that will also have a functional role. In this respect we have ensured that the materials used will keep wearers warm and that the designs include those that are modern, chic and classic, so that whether you want to wear them in a professional or casual environment you will be able to find something that suits. The right shawl can really add something special to an outfit and it doesnt have to cost you a fortune to create a look that screams of high end fashion. For example when you wrap yourself in a green shawl scarf made of linen and jacquard woven you will be making sure that your outfit is beautifully complemented with a top quality and textured item of clothing, with another example for you to consider being the Black Floral Sequin Shawl.

Women's Scarves

Although we have a decent selection for men to choose from, our range is mainly for women and as such our designs have women in mind. We aim to make your online experience with us fun by having good quality pictures of all our products with accurate and detailed descriptions. In terms of payment we have a secure means of paying online, and our service is also something we are committed to providing, and to this end we have worked hard to make sure we offer excellent, reliable and friendly service to our customers. If you are looking for something made from a truly super soft material then check out the cashmere scarf that is designed as a shawl with lovely fringes that you can wrap around your shoulders for an elegant look. An equally elegant look can be created using headbands, and the black satin headband represents something form this latest fashion trend that all the celebrities are currently wearing. Simple and comfortable to wear there are different ways of tying it to your head offering you different looks for different occasions. An orange tie scarf such as this will really make a statement and we have a lovely satin number designed in an orange paisley that will look great as part of a chic outfit. For a more traditional look check out our knitted range split into polar fleece, winter and wool, so that if you want a knitted scarf you can track it down with ease.


We are fully aware that shopping for most people is an enjoyable experience and to this end we have worked hard to ensure that you have a good time when browsing our website. Our commitment is evidenced by our feedback form that we encourage customers to complete if they have any suggestions for improvements to the site or if they have come across any problems, or even if they simply want to make a comment. A silk scarf is an item of clothing that should be in everyones collection and we have a wonderful array of colours and designs for you to check out, and we are sure you will find something that you will be able to get a lot of use

out of. Of our specially selected items the green and turquoise large paisley print chiffon number will drape beautifully and is thus perfectly suitable to be worn around the neck or the head, and can also be wrapped around the waist as a belt if you are keen on creating a unique look. A ladies silk scarf as a gift for a loved one will always be well received, and we hope that you can find an appropriate style on our website for that special person in your life. We have plenty of different colours of paisley to choose from, plus a few more unique designs such as the burnt orange lilies silk chiffon that features beautiful lily flower prints in vibrant and warm colours.


Most people buy clothing for their functional characteristics, such as to keep warm or dry, but making sure that what they buy is fashionable is also a consideration for many. In this respect we have listed a range of fashion items that have been split into subcategories of Georgette, Neck, Satin, Lurex, Animal Print and Square Scarves. and from these you can find a beautiful yellow wrap scarf in the form of the Yellow Houndstooth Cotton. This trendy number has tiny dot prints coupled with lurex silver stripes, and also has some thin tasselled ends, which you can wrap around your head or your neck depending on what you are wearing and where you are going. Satin has long been a popular material to wear as an accessory and from our fashion selections the Ring Motif Satin Square Scarf is a beautiful retro design that can be worn in a number of different ways around the neck, and can also be worn over the head. If you are looking for something that is light and casual then the chiffon range is something to pay close attention to, with the Brown Floral Print and Grey Stipes Square wonderful examples of these scarfs. In recent years the Arab style has come into its own with trendsetters across the country adorning these accessories, which is why we have such an extensive selection, including the pink and brown, made from 100% woven cotton that has ropes at the ends that give it a distinctive look.

The Ultimate Accessory

Wool is often the preferred choice of material for men when it comes to choosing a cloth to wrap around their necks, but there are other materials that men can enjoy wearing. A mens silk scarf is something that can look great when worn with the right outfit to the right event and we hope you can find something on our website. For something that can be used more regularly check out the black polar fleece, which is an ultra soft item that provides an outstanding level of warmth and comfort. Excellent quality, highly affordable and truly versatile this is a must have item for the winter. Once youve had a good look around the website, when you next return, or if you simply want to check for something quickly, please make use of our search option box, where you can enter a word or group of words and be directed to a page with items that match. If you are looking for a cashmere scarf for example, by entering the word cashmere you will be redirected to a page with cashmeres, including the Brown Tone Cashmere Feel, made of an acrylic cashmere that is as warm and light as cashmere and very soft to the touch. Other styles in our range include Velvet, Hijab, and Arab scarfs plus we have a range of other fashion accessories such as claw clips, beak clips and barrettes that have been selected to go perfectly with any of the cloths on our site.

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