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Toilets: One of our more popular site subjects! There's quite a lot of general information on mobile toilet usage and motorhome waste disposal on our main information site at There's also full information on the products themselves plus user manuals, parts diagrams and troubleshooting advice on the manufacturer's own website (Not the USA based NB!). On this webpage you'll find complete Thetford toilets for unit replacement or self-build, replacement

Thetford chemical toilets and Thetford Holding Tanks (also known as cassettes) for both bench and swivel bowl toilets along with some of the more popular spares like the spare cap with built-in measure pictured left. New for 2010 there's an excellent C200 Freshen-up Kit to rejuvenate an older or pre-owned toilet - "a simple and economic way to make the built-in Cassette toilet as good as new". You'll find the latest Porta Potti models here too, ours are in white, plus spare tanks for white and grey versions.

New: Porta-Potti Cube & Porta-Potti Excellence:

This next-generation product line consists of 2 models, the high-end luxury Porta Potti Excellence left (link to the Thetford product page) with its modern design, more homelike toilet shape, comfortable seating height, bigger bowl size and the user-friendly valve handle at side. The Porta Potti Qube (link to the Thetford product page) is the basic model with a modern refreshed design, improved valve handle system, improved carry handle of the waste holding tank and improved seating comfort. These new Porta Potti products take leisure to the next level, by offering unparalleled user comfort and excellent design. It meets the current and future desires for anyone in need of a sanitary solution that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system. Both product lines are made with uncompromising quality, experience and love for leisure, this is why Thetford are able to give customers a three-year warranty.

Genuine Thetford Fresh-up sets. Great idea and ideal for freshening-up an older or pre-owned toilet and also currently on a special offer price courtesy of Thetford. The pack includes both a new holding tank (cassette) and a new toilet seat plus some free chemicals. Available ex stock for the C200 range, C250 & C260, C2-3-4 range and the C400. Genuine Thetford, genuine cassettes as the originals - this really is the best deal you can get, all courtesy of this special pricing supported by Thetford. Fresh-ups are under Ј100 but don't forget there is the >Ј100 Free carriage if you also buy an extra like a lipseal or vent assy!

Thetford Toilet Holding Tanks: Nowadays the majority of European motorhomes and motorcaravans come already equipped with a Thetford Cassette toilet as standard. It is a fully self-contained toilet system that is built into the bathroom of motorhomes, boats, caravans or any type of recreational vehicle. Some vehicles come complete with a spare cassette for extended off-site stays and in any case many users like to replace them fairly frequently for obvious reasons!

All models have a unique waste holding tank, located underneath the toilet. This 'holding tank' or 'cassette' is removed for emptying from outside the vehicle through a small service hatch. A unique rotating pour-out spout and vent button ensure splash-free emptying. External access is what it is all about. The C200 version is illustrated in use here but we also supply cassettes for the older

C2/3/4 pictured lower right and the new wheeled versions for the C400 series bench toilets and C250 swivel toilets too. The cassette’s superbly simple service routine is handled outside the vehicle while life within goes on undisturbed. Thetford sanitation products ensure effective toilet operation and claim to offer optimum performance. Buy Now >>

LH/RH? Bench toilets are 'handed'. Left Hand or Right Hand is based on the position of the access door and this is to your left or right when sitting on the toilet. Their Cassettes / Holding Tanks are handed too. Early C400-402-403 series were fixed as LH / RH but later versions can be swapped, the C2-3-4 series cassettes are also universal and can easily be reversed. Instructions for both available by email. Many of the Fresh-up kits are universal and suitable for either hand.

Four Tank Versions: One version fits the C200 series Swivel Bowl Toilets and another fits both left

and right hand versions of the C2 & C3 & C4 Bench Toilets (C2/3/4), both toilet types are illustrated right and are the most commonly used. For info the C200 cassette/tank is shorter and fatter at approx 45x25x25 cm overall - including the folded spout.

The other two types are newer and both have wheels on the tanks. One fits the new C400 bench toilet as illustrated left - this tank has wheels and green trim on the cassette and comes in LH or RH versions. The fourth type is also in the newer style with wheels and fits the new C250 swivel toilet, both of these newer cassettes are pictured right. Please note the new wheeled cassettes do not fit the older toilets you cannot use them to 'upgrade' older units. For info: Left or right hand access for the bench toilets themselves is taken as if you were sitting on the toilet. For more information see in a new window. All cassettes are on a 1-3 working day delivery service and we often achieve the better times.

C200 Vent Option:
Some vehicles are now fitted with external holding tank / cassette venting.

These require the use of the optional vent (9a) which isn't supplied as standard. It's an easy DIY twist-in fitting but do remember to order one along with your spare cassette if this is the type that your van takes. If you're not sure have a look at our sketch left or vent pictures at right and compare these with the grey vent found near your yellow turn button. Twist & lift out. Buy Below >>>

C2 Hand Reversal or Assembly? Many cassettes are now supplied with a couple of loose parts in the box that you assemble yourself to suit LH or RH use. If you wish to see the twist on/off assembly or need to reverse a cassette hand see the simple reversal instructions plus a Thetford exploded drawing - click here .

Spares & Accessories?

All spares are available if listed by Thetford. Our regular stock of common spares as listed below is normally available for immediate despatch and pictures can be seen on this pdf. Others are ordered in from Thetford based on identified part numbers from Thetford Drawings. These can take anything from a couple of days to a week or two even a month or more at times. Example spare, 'C2 Mechanism', pictured right, these are often workshop products without instructions!

You might also be interested in: Fiamma Porta-Kassett for storing a spare C200 or C250 cassette, I have mine slung under the 'van or a Fiamma Pocket Kasset to fix to the inside of the cassette door. For toilet fluids & one dose sachets, traditional & bio please click here . For SOG Ventilators for fluids-free cassette management please click here .

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Special offer - Std PP Over Ј100 FREE. Ј4.95 & Ј5.95 to Ј100. Oversize/weight charges still apply

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Is it still safe to buy from us in these turbulent times? Yes it certainly is, we are well placed as a low overhead business and will still be here to serve you this year and next with great but not stupid prices!

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Thetford Toilets, Holding Tanks, Cassettes

NB: All Thetford part numbers may have an extra two digits on the end - these are colour designators

Cassettes / Holding Tanks & Spares at top, Complete Toilets & Porta-Potti are much further below

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