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Homemade Kahlua Recipes. How to Make Kahlua Coffee Liqueur Drinks

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Kahlua is a fabulous coffee-flavored liqueur that is very expensive to buy, but can be very easily be made at home using commonly available ingredients: coffee . sugar, vanilla and vodka.

You can use brewed real coffee or instant coffee granules and many variations for sweetness including white sugar, molasses, brown sugar and Karo syrup. You can also use a variety of liquor types such as brandy, vodka, rum - including100 proof types if you dare.

This article discusses how to make homemade Kahlua including how to keep costs down and the various ingredient options for customizing the flavors. Homemade Kahlua, like

homemade Baileys Irish Cream ( see: Baileys Irish Cream Recipe ), make great gifts and can be used for various desserts as well as making delightful drinks.

Keeping the Costs Down

Vanilla - You can reduce the cost pure vanilla extract, or vanilla beans, by using an imitation vanilla. You can taste the difference but the imitation varieties are acceptable. A fun thing to do for a gift is to put a whole vanilla bean into the bottle. This will intensify the vanilla flavor with storage time.

Vodka - Vodka has very little taste and so the budget Vodkas can be a good budget option. Make your Kahlua in bulk and store it for several weeks or months before using it. This will smooth out the rough edges of the cheap Vodka. You can compromise by mixing different quality Vodkas.

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