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Where to buy coin albums

Examples of coin program products.

Is it better to buy coins for your collection or to find them? You certainly can do either or both.

The combination approach can be a good way to enhance your collection. For example, you can save coins in the America the Beautiful Quarters ® Program as you find them in your change and also purchase related collectibles like proof sets, uncirculated sets and first-day coin covers.

If you are collecting coins from a certain year, but are having trouble finding them, you may want to purchase the hard-to-find coins.


Here are some sources to help build your collection. (The United States Mint does not recommend, regulate, or endorse individual providers of goods or services.)

  • Banks: Search through rolls of coins you get from your local bank.
  • The United States Mint: Add coins you purchase directly from the United States Mint's catalog, either in print or online at .
  • Collectors: Other collectors sell or trade coins either privately or at coin clubs.
  • Coin dealers: Coin dealers buy or

    trade coins. You may want to ask an experienced collector to suggest reputable dealers. Just watch out for scams. Dealers may run shops and/or be found via:

    • Coin shows: Compared to individual shops, these usually offer multiple dealers, a better selection, and more competitive prices.
    • Mail order: Numismatic publications run dealer ads, but check for a reasonable return policy before ordering and satisfactory coins on receipt.
    • Online: Hundreds of dealers offer coins on the Internet. Again, check for a reasonable return policy before ordering and satisfactory coins on receipt.
  • Auctions: The rarest and most expensive coins often are available only through auction houses and online auctions. In either case, check prices in shops first to avoid overpaying, check for a reasonable return policy before ordering and make sure the coins are satisfactory when you get them.
  • Flea markets, antique shows and craft fairs: Sometimes coins can be found at these events as a secondary source, but less competition can mean inflated prices and problem coins. Be careful.

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