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As of 2010, the IRS was conducting three kinds of audits. From least serious to most serious, they were the correspondence audit, the office audit and the field audit.


The IRS conducts a correspondence audit entirely by mail, usually because it just has a couple questions about your return. For an office audit, you'll have to bring all your paperwork to an IRS office for a meeting with the auditor. In a field audit, the auditor comes to you to look over your records--and possibly poke around your home or office looking for red flags.


If you're picked for a correspondence audit or office audit, you'll get a letter notifying you and telling you what to do next. If you've been picked for a field audit, you'll get a phone call.



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There is no way to determine how long it will take the IRS to decide whether to audit your federal income tax.

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It is important to notify the IRS of a name change because it will send be a red flag on your tax.


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