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How to Use the Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DGB650BCU

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For many people, coffee is the driving force that pulls them out of bed every morning. It is common in fact, for a modern coffee drinker to spend large parts of the day with a cup of java in hand. With the steep price of regularly buying coffee from a coffee shop, many budget conscious consumers routinely brew it at home or in the office. Cuisinart manufactures several different types of coffee makers. and with a little bit of practice and knowledge, consumers can use these popular models such as the Brew Central or the Grind and Brew to make a fantastic cup of coffee every morning.

These features are part of the reason why the Brew Central is such a popular line, and many of these are also available on other models of Cuisinart coffee makers as well.

How to Use the Cuisinart Brew Central

To brew coffee in a Cuisinart coffee maker, start with the freshest water possible. Fill the carafe to the desired level based on the number of cups preferred. Pour the water from the carafe into the coffee maker's water reservoir and place the carafe back on the heat plate. Insert the paper or permanent filter into the filter basket and make sure that the paper filter opens up completely. Cuisinart recommends using 1 tablespoon per cup, though consumers can alter the amount based on preference. Then start the brew or program the brewing to begin at a later time.

Programming the Cuisinart Brew Central

Set the coffee maker to brew the pot of coffee at a later time by setting the

clock and using the Programmable Auto On feature. To do this, turn the function knob to "Prog" and use the minute and hour buttons to set the time for the coffee to begin brewing. Set the function knob to "Auto On" and lift and release the On-Off switch.

Cuisinart's other popular coffee makers on the market include many of the same great features that the Brew Central line has, including the water filter that removes any bad tastes or odors from tap water. Additionally, in an effort to produce the freshest, best tasting cup of coffee possible, the Grind and Brew coffee makers grind whole beans directly in the machine before they brew the coffee.

Making coffee in a Grind and Brew coffee maker follows many of the same steps as making coffee in the Brew Central, with the exception of adding beans to the coffee grinder instead of adding ground coffee to the filter basket. Follow the same steps of adding the desired amount of water to the reservoir and a filter to the filter basket. Add one scoop per cup to the grinder and close the grinder lid.

Cuisinart produces a number of other coffee makers not mentioned here, some more basic models, and some with extra features. For instance, their Brew-on-Demand single serve coffee makers allow the user to make a fresh cup of coffee every time. The company also produces coffee makers with thermal carafes and no heating plates, so the coffee remains warm but does not continue to cook while it sits. In general, most Cuisinart coffee makers follow the same basic steps for brewing coffee given above.

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