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Where to buy dermabond

where to buy dermabond

I have become much less interested in this subject in recent years. "There's like 295M people in this country who have a vested interest in things not going Thunderdome, I think a lot of survivalist types forget that." -Marty Roesch

A little preperation for emergencies is good for everybody. Natural disasters, even if they're not commin in your area, economic turmoil, unforseen events. A healthy person can survive three days without water, three weeks without food. Shelter urgency varies a lot on weather. Three days. Just grab an extra gallon of water every time you're at the grocery store, okay? Maybe an occassional can of food. It's a small gamble, when it's food and water you'll consume anyway, when it could save your life. You probably already have some warm blankets.

How sure are you that we won't be seeing a global economic collapse far beyond the Great Depression? How much is industrialized civilization, transportation, electricity, food production and distribution, tied to cheap oil production? When will that end (peak oil)?

This page is about the next step: Mobility. Some people think it's important in an emergency.

Civilization fails. You're going to be on foot, carrying all of your posessions on your back, forever. What's worth carrying? What can't easily be scavanged, made, or caught? Our population is so far beyond what can be sustained by hunting and gathering, if things collapse quickly, all animals and consumable plants will go very quickly. I tend to think along the lines of The Book of Eli. and The Road.

A bunch of garbage is made to imitate military gear. The real stuff has a NSN - NATO Stock Number. Also anything made by BCB International, a major British military supplier.

Get your teeth taken care of now. A tooth ache will sap your will to survive.

"Guns, ammo, and flashlights kick ass but water

is so much more important and so often overlooked." - jeffrey, Zombie Squad

"If you don't have water then you shouldn't be eating." (Digesting food uses up water, and you'll die from lack of water first.) - 111t, Zombie Squad

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing" - Woods Walker, Zombie Squad

BOB: Bug Out Bag.

INCH bag: I'm Never Coming Home.

ECWCS: Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.

EDC: Every Day Carry.

Battonning: Hammering a knife through a log with another log. Doesn't need to be a long knife, but it helps.

Possibles bag: "[Nessmuk] basically said you should be able to make anything you need with the things in your Possibles Bag." Woodcraft and Camping by Nessmuk, 1963. read it. Kifaru on the possibles pouch.

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  • A few water purification tablets: Water.
  • Knife useful for battonning and with ferrocerium rod: Shelter, fire, food.
  • Ferrocerium rod: Fire.
  • Super glue for closing wounds.
  • Something to carry water. Collapsed bag, or water bottle.
  • Fishing line, hook, and snare wire?
  • Water: Disposable bottles seem to handle freezing. Electric heating to keep it thawed would be fun.
  • Food.
  • Can of gas.

I suppose my goal from here on is a light weight, maybe thirty pounds, INCH bag. If I need to be moving on foot, even if I'm never coming home, I don't want to be hauling an eighty pound bag.

"You only truly own what you can carry at a dead run." - Unknown, attributed to the German Landschneckts from the 14th & 15th centuries.

This is a list of some gear that might be nice to have, which deteriorates pretty bad toward the end:

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