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Where to buy feeder mice

where to buy feeder mice

Things You'll Need

Housing and Breeding Tips

First, housing mice. Make a hole in the side of the bucket large enough to fit the water bottle's tip thru, then fill and attach the water bottle. All the females are to be kept in one bucket with some food and cider chips. They will separate or hide there food as the Lady's feel fit, there good at putting things where they wont things and they tend to get bossier when they become moms. Now make a bucket for the male, he's kept separate so that he'll breed when you want him too also some times females can go into heat half way thru pregnecy (bad for development of babes she currently has and will make her more pregenent also the additional ones will come out preemie) and directly after giving birth, ether way its very hard on there body.

Well i think most people know what to do to get the females to become pregnant, grab a female and put her in with the male leave her for 12 to 15 hrs (if the male has been by him self for a long time it may only take 30Min's lol). I like to rotate the females IE. day 1 female 1, day 2 no female, day 3 female 2, day 4 no female, day 5 female 3, exec. I

have found that giving him the day in the middle makes him breed more pups per litter (and yes baby mice are called pups).

Now to tell if shes pregnant, if its not obvious hold her across your fingers and lift one finger directly under her belly, wile looking at her back if she looks like she has round marbles on each side of her belly she may be pregnant. If you think a the mom is pregnant make a new bucket and place her in and add lots of extra food and bedding when she gets close to her due date she will make a nest like bed.

Smells are very important to mice. Never but moms with moms, most of the time if a baby has the the smell of any other mom she will eat the pups . If you need to add one litter to another wash the pups with dish detergent to give them a smell other than there mom. one mom can take care of up to 12 pups and can birth up to 14

When returning mom to the rest of the females you'll need to give her a bath so that the other females wont attack her.

extra info: Pups bite when there eyes start to open, if you handle them for a fue days they'll stop.

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