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Where to buy feeder pigs

How to Raise Feeder Pigs

Bacon, pork chops, bratwursts, sausage, oh my! Did you know that raising a pig or two is pretty easy? There are three necessities that you will need. Shelter, feed and space. Although you can raise pigs in a little bitty pen, I highly recommend that you give them ample space. Not only is it healthier for the pig, but it will not stink as much, and pigs can get pretty stinky!

The best time to buy feeder pigs is in the spring. We have bought them towards the end of summer and fed them out through the winter, but they did not put on much weight. There was a big difference in weight compared to those that were fed out through the summer and those that were fed through the winter.

Go to a local auction to purchase your pigs, or a local farmer who raises pigs. Either way, you should be getting pigs that weigh around 40-50 pounds each and not paying anymore than $50 a pig. Remember, you aren't raising these guys to be show pigs, so you do not need to spend an arm and a leg.

Let's talk about space. We have a small outdoor

paddock that is about 50 ft by 100 ft. It is enclosed with field fence and we also put electric wire along the bottom. Pigs like to root for seeds, bugs and roots, so keeping them away from the fence is a good idea as they might root up a big enough space to escape. Some say to put rings in their noses, but again, they need to be able to root around. That's how they get the extra minerals in their diet.

If given ample space, they will not lay in their own manure, which cuts down the unpleasant odors, which means you have a cleaner pig, which means your meat will taste better! We keep four pigs in our paddock at a time. So far, it has worked great!

Any type of shelter will do, but I highly recommend something with a metal frame. Pigs can be destructive, so the stronger the shelter the better. It doesn't have to be big, but just big enough to accommodate your piggies. The picture below is not a very good one, but you can see what we have as shelter. We keep our bucks in with the pigs. Our black buck is on top of the shelter!

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