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Gluten Warning: Gevalia Coffee

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I wanted to take a few minutes to make you guys aware of something that was brought to my attention yesterday.  I received an email from a reader asking for my recommendation on gluten-free coffees.  It seems that the reader had been enjoying Gevalia Traditional Roast Coffee and couldn’t figure out why she was experiencing a gluten reaction.  She sent an email to Gevalia and received this response:

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Please be advised that all of our products have a trace of gluten.


Customer Service

I always knew that flavored coffees could contain gluten, but I have never heard of 100%, unflavored coffee containing gluten.  I sent an email to Gevalia myself to see if I would receive the same response.  I know that sometimes different customer

service representatives give different answers, but I received exactly the same response.  I wonder if Gevalia’s statement is that all of their coffee has a trace of gluten to cover them in case there is some cross-contamination.  Perhaps the flavored varieties contain gluten and because they don’t have a dedicated facility they say that all of the coffee has a trace?  Whatever the reason, I’ll spend my money on a product made by a company willing to provide me with the information that will keep me safe. 

I always feel bad when someone inadvertently gets glutened and then has to endure the effects for any period of time.  If I can help one person avoid that, I am doing my job.  If you are a coffee drinker, there are many varieties that are safe:

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