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where to buy green coffee beans

After 6 years of interesting journey exploring coffee, I have my own coffee company now. I am selling Espresso Machines and grinders, many different brewing devices, fresh roasted coffee beans and conducting Barista Training as well.

I am now officially representing Highlander Coffee Pte Ltd in supplying their coffee and machines in Malaysia.


Greetings fellow Coffee Lover and citizens of the Information Super Highway,

This is the place to find out, to discuss, to recommend, to rant about all things Coffee, especially Coffee in Malaysia. I hope to discover…

The good, the great and the best place for coffee in Malaysia.

I also want to warn and be warned of places that offer horrible or just plain bad coffee.

I love coffee. I am a HOME BARISTA and one of the very few in Malaysia.

I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (12/12/12: I wrote this

statement in year 2008. I think the number of home barista has increased by leaps and bounds)

My journey: To experience the best coffee available in Malaysia such as espresso and cappuccino or plain simple Aeropress-brewed coffee and poured-over.

Problems: There aren’t many good espresso based coffee in Malaysia.

(12/12/12: Things have changed. Now you can find at least 20 cafes serving pretty good coffee in Malaysia)

What is espresso based coffee? Espresso, Cappucino, Latte and etc.

Subject: Mostly I will discuss or report matters related to Coffee, Cafes, Espresso, Machines and Brewing Devices.

Note: I don’t want to turn this into a “food blog”. There are already too many blogs about food. But I do love nasi lemak. I’ll report about them when I discover some really good nasi lemak.

My Contact: kfchan (at) espresso (dot) my

Other brewing methods I perfer: Aeropress

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