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Screen Printing Plastisol Heat Transfers

I was reading a recent post on another forum where the conversation was about how to screen print your own heat transfers. The responses made it sound like rocket science. I cut my teeth screen printing millions of heat transfers in the 70′s and regardless of what anyone says (who was probably not born back then), there is not much difference today. Even the main paper, T-75 was “invented” in the mid-70′s and is still used today. I was on the “cutting” edge of the technology and remember the birth (and the inventor) of the Hot Split/HotPeel transfer.

And, over the years we taught heat transfer making as part of our monthly class at the U.S. Screen

Printing Institute. Students went home in amazement at how easy it was.

The forum I was reading prompted me to dust off an article I wrote a few years ago about how easy it is to screen print heat applied transfers (now called “heat graphics” by some companies). This article will NOT talk about inkjet transfers – that’s another topic and another article.

Heat transfers – also known as Iron On’s and Iron Decals are a very popular method of decorating T-Shirts and garments. They are also fairly simple to make using your existing screen printing equipment. This article will show you the steps necessary to make and apply your own Hot Split, and Cold Peel plastisol transfers.

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