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Phenibut As A Nootropic:

What makes Phenibut different from most basic anxiety medications is that it also possesses nootropic effects. Nootropics are supplements that have positive effects upon the mind and cognitive processes. You may hear people talking about them as “smart drugs”, “study pills”, “brain boosters” and even “cognitive enhancers”. One of the key Nootropic benefits associated with Phenibut is improved memory formation and information retention. Studies have found it to improve memory capacity, concentration, rational thinking, learning and attention. While Phenibut is not the most powerful memory booster out there, you may find it effective as part of a nootropic stack with other supplements like Aniracetam, Piracetam, Noopept or Tyrosine.

For many years, Phenibut was given to Russian astronauts in their medical kit because it was observed to reduce symptoms of anxiety without affecting mental performance. It is also observed to lack major side effects in comparison with other anxiety medications that stimulate GABA activity. Most anxiolytics have a sedative

effect and may cause depression of the central nervous system. This can lead to fatigue, loss of clarity of thought, difficulty remembering as well as trouble paying attention. While in large doses Phenibut can cause these negative reaction. in controlled doses it does not result in these outcomes.

Phenibut is also regarded as an excellent sleep supplement and lucid dreaming agent. This is largely due to its overall calming effect, but it is able to effectively regulate and restore ‘normal’ sleep patterns in most people. You will find yourself being able to relax and fall asleep much easier, stay asleep, and even to stay in the cycle known as REM (deep) sleep for a longer period of time, helping you to wake feeling more rested and refreshed. Deeper levels of REM sleep are known to cause increased release of Human Growth Hormone in the brain; many bodybuilders will buy Phenibut for this very reason to improve their strength and body fat composition.

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