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Where to buy fresh organic food in Hong Kong

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Do you ever find yourself eating out in Hong Kong because of its convenience when all you are really craving is a nice wholesome dinner at home, but you just don’t know how to source good quality, nutritious, organic foods?

There are actually numerous companies readily available in Hong Kong that can provide you with fresh, wholesome, organic produce and the vast majority will also deliver straight to your door!

Aussie Organics

Aussie Organics deliveries of organic fruit & veggies and grocery are flown in fresh to Hong Kong every Friday and are hand-delivered to your door with a 100% freshness guarantee.

Their custom-fitted facility in the southside of Brisbane is where they pack all their fruit & veg and grocery boxes each week. No produce is stored in Hong Kong – everything is packed in Australia and flown to Hong Kong each week. All boxes are delivered from the airport to your door within 24 hours from leaving Australia.

Delivery Costs: Free

Products Available: Fruit & Vegetables, Gluten Free Goods, Aussie Specials, Baby & Toddlers, Bakery, Baking & Cooking Supplies, Biscuits & Crackers, Canned Goods, Cereals, Coffee & Tea, Condiments, Gourmet Products, Herbs & Spices, Household Products, Juices, Kids Products, Long Life Products, Nuts & Fruit, Oils & Vinegar, Pasta, Rice & Pulses, Personal Car, Pet Food, Sauces & Syrups, Snacks, Soft Drinks & Sparkling Water, Soups, Spreads, Sweets

Bon Vivant Organics

Bon Vivant is an online organic food market that is dedicated to quality; all their products are certified organic. Their products are sourced directly from farmers and producers in regions in Europe with a strong tradition of gastronomy and well established organic regulations. They are based in both Switzerland, to enable them to source the best quality organic products from Europe, and Hong Kong, which allows them to be closer to you.

Delivery Costs: HKD$80; free delivery for orders of or above HKD$600.00

Products Available: Grains, Pasta, Pulses, Oils, Baked Goods, Soups, Condiments, Sauces and Drinks

Homegrown Foods

Homegrown Foods mission is to only offer non-industrial food products such as local organic vegetables, wine and La Colombe Coffee. They bring you locally grown, high-quality, delicious, nutritious fresh organic produce, directly from the farm to your table.

All their vegetables are sourced from Hong Kong and South China, each clearly marked on their lists. Their farms have the respective certificates and can be provided upon request. Their vegetables are harvested at their ripest, creating a much more flavourful and nutritious proposition for their customers.

Delivery Costs: HKD$100; free delivery applies for orders of or above HKD$338.

Products Available: Fruits & Vegetables, Coffee, Wine, Organic Soap

Meat Market

Meat Market

provides great value meats from premium Australian and international suppliers; most products are vacuum-sealed to maximise their freshness. Any product that cannot be vacuum-sealed is enclosed in “modified atmosphere” or alternate smart wrapping to keep it at the best possible quality. They offer chilled or frozen healthy kid’s portions and value packs.

Delivery Costs: HKD$60; free delivery on orders of and above HKD$500.

Products Available: Meat, Seafood, Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables, Bakery, Eggs, Oils, Sauces, Pulses, Pasta

Pacific Gourmet Direct

Pacific Gourmet imports and supplies Hong Kong with imported, premium-grade produce. They take pride in sourcing food that tastes the way it should and they care about where their food comes from and what “additional extras” might come with it. As a result, where possible, they source food that is either organic or grown/reared in a sustainable environment.

Delivery Costs: Free delivery for orders over HKD$500 for Hong Kong and HKD$1,000 Kowloon, New Territories & Lantau Island

Products Available: Meat, Seafood, Deli and Wine

South Stream Seafoods

South Stream Seafoods was established to meet the growing demand for quality imported seafood, and has provided price competitive alternatives to dubious and in some cases, dangerous, local fish and shellfish.

South Stream Seafoods operates in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. Their priority is providing the freshest, most wholesome food for you and your family with the least wastage along the way. They attempt to recycle and reuse all packing materials used in the transport of our products from the country of origin to Hong Kong.

Delivery Costs: HKD$300; free delivery for orders of or above HKD$500

Products Available: Seafood, Meat, Bread, Deli, Drinks, Eggs, Cheese, Fruit & Vegetables, Gluten Free Goods, Oils-Sauces-Spreads, Organic Goods, including household products, Pet Food, Smoked Foods

JustGreen Organic Convenience Store

JustGreen began as a small retail shop in Lamma Island in 2007. They now have three stores located in Soho, Wanchai and a new 2000 square foot home on the waterfront in Lamma Island.

JustGreen carries a complete selection of organic, allergy-free and gluten-free foods including chilled foods, dairy, meat, snacks, condiments and baking supplies.

Delivery Cost: Goods can only be purchased in stores.

Products Available: Organic, allergy-free and gluten-free foods including chilled foods, dairy, meat, snacks, condiments and baking supplies.

– 7 St Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2528 9969

– 52 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2801 5611

– 75 Yung Shue Wan Main Street, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 2325

Supermarkets & Special Food Stores

Another great way of sourcing organic products in Hong Kong is from the numerous international supermarkets and speciality food stores within Hong Kong, including:

–        City’Super

–        Market Place

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