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Welcome to our directory of producers of excellent poultry and animal feed. It is the opinion of this website that the most healthful eggs and poultry products are produced when fish meal forms a good proportion of the protein in the ration. Since fish is more difficult to handle, it is not often found in pre-formulated rations, but we encourage farmers to consider adding fish (including other seafood) if at all possible. In England and elsewhere where fish/seafood is in the ration, layers can often be productive for well over 10 years.

We especially recommend.


for their universally-acclaimed nutritional feed supplements and wide range of nutritional products (see Pennsylvania below)

Video: Superb Egg Production System


with complete list of ingredients in each of their feeds! (see Virginia below)


Organic, non-medicated poultry feed, including "Layer Developer Feed" (mash), "Chicken Feed" (mash), "Chicken Feed Pellets," "Baby Chick Food," and "Baby Duckling Food." This webpage includes a complete ingredients list and percentages list, including such excellent items as kelp, soy, live lactobacillus cultures, several different grains, wheat middlings, and a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplementation.

ATTRA Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers .

for the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, clickable national directory of highest-quality poultry feed producers

States are listed alphabetically

Mainly broiler, layer, and turkey rations, but also hog and dairy. Only mash - no pellets. Nutritonist on staff. Uses both house and custom formulation. Certified by Oregon Tilth. Hours 8-5 PDT M-F. We have improved and expanded our line of products ever since the start of Rainbow Mealworms. Quality has always led the way. We now have several great products to offer our customers.

Organic, non-medicated poultry feed, including "Layer Developer Feed" (mash), "Chicken Feed" (mash), "Chicken Feed Pellets," "Baby Chick Food," and "Baby Duckling Food." This webpage includes a complete ingredients list and percentages list, including such excellent items as kelp, soy, live lactobacillus cultures, several different grains, wheat middlings, and a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplementation. Complete Line of Certified Organic Premixes

& Feeds for all your livestock needs.

Free catalog & consultation

Certified organic yellow corn, unground. Located in SE Iowa. "We offer soybean meal, pellets, and hulls at competitive prices. For more information on nutrient content and prices, please contact us." OCIA CERTIFIED grain farm. Currently for sale: 300 bu. organic gerry oats, and organic yellow waxy corn. It works good for our livestock, including chickens. Our farm is OCIA certified; no chemicals on this farm for 12 years. Will contract future crop or custom raise what you need. "Fresh Start Growers Supply, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is dedicated to providing natural and organic fertilizers, soil amendments and animal care products for farms, lawns and gardens. We specialize in Fertrell brand products and carry a full line of sustainable and organic animal care products. " Organic chicken, turkey, and livestock feed. An excellent product. Layer, broiler, and turkey rations (hog rations also available). 50-lb bags or bulk. Custom or house formulation. Also available are 50-lb bags of vitamin and mineral pre-mix for poultry. Laying mash from local grains with Purina concentrate

Hog feed

Horse feed

Custom batching our specialty

Custom ingredients procured for the discerning producer,

FASTRACK Probiotic Pack is approved for use in poultry (layers & broilers), dairy, beef, swine, sheep and goat rations. A lot of it is used by horse owners as well.

FASTRACK contains a high concentration of live beneficial bacteria, yeast cultures and enzymes for improved digestion of all feed materials.

For information on the product and to learn how to get set-up with an account and line of credit to handle these products, please check our website.

Thanks for your time.

Certified by Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. All mash, all rations. Also buyers and sellers of certified organic grains . Supplies finished rations for livestock and poultry, both meal and pellets. Also provides direct access to high quality organic feed crop growers . Starter Feed mixes, Starter mix, Fish Meal, Kelp Meal, Nutri-Balancer.

Fertrell offers a full line of products and services necessary for proper livestock management. Fertrell's total nutrition service will diagnose your feeding system and home grown grain. Your feed system will be evaluated, forages analyzed, and rations computer-balanced. You will be furnished with complete nutrition recommendations to aid you in selecting the best possible feeding program for your livestock.

Supplies livestock and poultry feed. Meal only- no pellets; 16% layer and 20% grower rations. Bagged (50 or 100 lb) or bulk. Open 8-4 EST. Mill is located in Ackland. Uses Fertrell's minerals in many of their rations.

"We would be glad to discuss the possibilities of providing feed to any group,

co-op, or individual." Sells poultry and other livestock (dairy beef, hog) rations. Mash or meal. Bulk or bagged. Rations for any species (layers, broiler, hog, dairy, etc.) Bagged or bulk. Can sell in 50 lb bags, by rail, or by container for export. Not pelleted. Also supplies certified organic feed ingredients such as grains, vitamin/trace mineral premix, kelp, alfalfa, etc. Sells Excel(tm) soybean meal - an extruded and expelled soybean meal with 7% fat. Certified by QAI and NOFA-NJ. Open 7:30-5 EST. Organic 2nd cutting ALFALFA 3 x 3 x 8 bales. Some bales have pigeon grass and some have kochia weed. Cut without rain. Tight bales. $40/ton. Trucking arranged for you. Northern So. Dak. The Southern Traditions Co. would like to announce our Nutritious Feed Additives: (Fish Meal) Super Rooster 16oz pellets will sell for $10.50 which includes free shipping within the U.S. for a limited time only. You may visit our online catalog at

Sincerely, Customer Service Dept. Makers of Avia-Boost, Immuno-Boost, and Avia-Charge, along with several other products. Kelp and fish-based supplements to poultry feed, full of biological ingredients too numerous to list! Both powder and liquid forms available.

Supplies livestock and poultry feed. Meal and Pellets. Bagged or bulk. Staffer available to do individual feed formulations.

Hours 8-5 Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

We offer a full-range of certified organic grains and minerals for broilers and layers, including a mix specially designed for pastured chicken producers. We are located in central Virginia and we ship anywhere in the US.

[NOTE: ChickenFeed Website thinks this is one of the best ordering pages we've seen] Broiler and layer diets. Can customize. Bagged and bulk. Mash or pelleted. Certified by Washington State Dept. of Ag. Hours 8-5 Pacific.

Chicken, horse, cattle, pig, big game, goat, sheep, and mule feed. Their feed is locally grown and made from whole grain. The chickens love it.

We use all Washington-grown organic grains and offer a variety of products for poultry and livestock. We have been met with great enthusiasm. you are what your animals eat!

"We will buy, sell, roll and mix bagged and bulk livestock feed. Roasted soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, oats, organic kelp, Fertrell Poultry Pre-Mix" NetSeeds, Inc. is a network of seed industry veterans who believe strongly that there is a better way for purchasing farm inputs. We have utilized our knowledge and founded a nontraditional seed company that values integrity, quality, customer service, technology and very competitive seed pricing that hasn't been available until now. "Because of great acceptance from farmers we have recently and significantly expanded our seed lineup to include corn seed, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum and grasses." "See Feeds under our Classified section, for many farmers' posted ads for grain and seed sales." Certified organic feed for chickens, layers, turkeys, dairy goats, cows, etc. Customized for age of animal and stage of production. House or custom mixes. Sold at mill or delivered. Also supplies certified organic grains. Open M-F 9 to 6; Sat 9-12.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In the US now, it costs 10 cents a minute to telephone England. And not much more for France. Not suggesting one order feed from so far away. But why not just call to ask about feeds? The information that France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and friends are able to provide, with their fine gardeners, farmers and clubs in a tradition of long-standing excellence, is invaluable.

Dial 011 to get International, then dial 44 for England, or 33 for France, then the number. Usually, from North America, OMIT the first 0 of the European phone number, when dialling direct. England is 4 hours later than the US East Coast, 7 hours later than the West Coast, and France is an hour later than England, so call in the morning to reach them in the afternoon.

We are an innovative, family owned, national company with four generations of experience. We pride ourselves on making natural feed without nature identical* ingredients or flavours, artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk pigmenters. Our mill is totally drug free. no antibiotics, coccidiostats or growth promoters. NIGERIA


Illah, Delta State, NIGERIA

Olisemeka Isiekwe

Umutei Farm Land Settlement (UFLS), Umutei Village, Illah

Delta State


Phone: +234 (802) 8603437

We are good feed producers mainly for our local poultry and rabbit farms in Nigeria. We produce our feed with equally locally grown sunflower seedmeal and ground cake to reduce the cost of overall feed production. These feeds have given us as much as 98% expected rates in layer and broilers regime that quickly turned our farms to excellent business.


Our JSC "Avlita" is a new (2003)high-tech grain terminal in Sevastopol port (Ukraine). As a new dealer we are looking for long terms buyers for Ukrainian & Russian grains. Please visit our website at

And email Vladimir, at

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