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Where to buy papaya soap

where to buy papaya soap

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very effective

Posted by Very Effective on 21st Jun 2012

I've been using this product for almost 4 years now. It didn't only whitened my face but it also cleared my skin and free from breakouts! I tried to used glutathione soap and it only made my face oily and i got breakouts. Now, i am back in using likas papaya, hopefully it will again clear my face.


Posted by Tatum-Rose on 19th Sep 2011

Let me start off this review by letting its viewers know that this product is not made for DRAMATIC skin lightening. Overall this product is amazing and it has done for me what it's claimed. The ache scars on my face are now minimal to almost gone and my overall skin tone has lightened and brightened! Within the first 3 weeks people have started to notice how radiant my skin has become. I LOVE

IT! I try my hardest to keep out of the sun for long periods of time but due to the fact that i live in Hawaii it is almost impossible! I began to notice that my face and arms were a bit darker then the rest of my body (due to the fact that they are the only area's that are always exposed) but Lika's helped out ALOT to correct that problem. It lightened up those areas AND MORE. I am so very pleased.

Best whitening soap ever.

Posted by Xian on 10th Aug 2011

I've been using this for about 2 months, maybe even less, but ive tried sooo many home remedies that would help whiten my skin, they never usually work for me, but this is the best whitening soap out there. I wanted to whiten my skin because I tanned over the summer and well, I'm not a "tanning" person. I don't wanna be orange or anything, but this soap really helped!

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