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Pero All Natural Beverage Coffee Substitute

where to buy pero coffee substitute

What does Pero offer?


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    Comment Link I love Pero. My favorite winter drink. Being on hemo dialysis I would like to know the amounts of potassium and phosphros as these two minerals can make or break me having it.

    Response: There is 13 mg of potassium per 100 ml of PERO. There is no phosphorus in PERO.

    Comment Link I had to give up coffee, so tried Pero, and I love it. I'm also supposed to stick to low fiber stuff. Do you have information on fiber content? I'm hoping something that dissolves/suspends so well can't be in the same fiber category as a thick barley soup.

    Response: The manufacturers claim is the following:

    "100 g Pero contains 8 g of dietary fibers, which equals a content of 0,176 g per cup (when prepared with 2,2g Pero).

    This quantity would be too small to talk about diuretic properties of Pero." We are assuring this means that it has negligible diuretic effects on the body. We would be happy to be more specific if you have further questions.

    PERO. I just wanted to pass that on to you (and to potential

    Comment Link Love your product. Great coffee flavor with no caffeine. My

    only concern is that I have discovered I am gluten sensitive. There is gluten in rye and barley but is it prevalent in the finished product?

    Comment Link Hello, Can you tell me if Pero is 'non acidic' or if it is 'low acid', what would the acid content be compare to coffee and where does the acid come from?

    Thank you the product tastes the best out of the coffee alternatives out there.

    Response: PH level of Pero is 4

    Comment Link I just ordered some PERO and noticed that your formula has changed to add Rye. Does this ingredient addition change the flavor? Why did you decide to change the formula?

    Response: For over 10 years, ending in late 2009, the U.S. government assigned arbitrary punitive duties on imports of chicory in response to a beef dispute with European countries. Strange but true. This resulted in a 100% duty on all Pero products. For this reason, we turned to Switzerland to produce our products over this 10 year period. As a result, any change in suppliers of raw materials may result in slight changes in the finished product, even though every attempt is made to minimize these deviations as we have moved production back to Germany. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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