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Where to buy prepaid gift cards

where to buy prepaid gift cards


Always great experience to find cheapest gift cards!

Always had good service. Only one problem wrong with card, after we used it the first time. It was quickly taken care of.

I am so happy to have discovered this site - Already saved enough to splurge on some extra household items.

love, love, love your cards. I search daily and by at the highest discount. I then use them along with the store discount for the highest possible savings. So far I've saved up to 50% at Macy's with these cards when I combine the 20-25% savings on this site with a 20% off coupon card. Similar savings at other stores. Love you guys

I saw tons of questions about sorting by discount. If you are in the store of interest you can click any of the top row of options listed. IE: Type, Value, Price, Savngs, Discount, Shipping and seller. All of those are clickable sorting links allowing you to choose how to sort :-) As for sellers on GCG I have been using

this site for years now. Its how we afford to live on a tight budget. We have purchased from all of the Card sellers offered except for saveya, so I cant offer anything about them. However all other sellers I have spent hundreds of dollars with and no major issues. The phone app makes it even better when your some place that you dont have a card for, you can buy a card on your phone in the store (if they accept ecodes) and there you go. instant savings. Cant beat that. Mahalo!

Is there any way to sort by highest discount?

Since I've discovered Gift Card Granny, I would certainly think twice about paying full price at my favorite stores. Way to go!!

i was tring to sell lowes gift card and then i bought several Marriott and lost wifi lost the page now vant find or fig out.

Great Idea says:

you need to add a way to view favorite stores by favorite seller without having to go to each page and changing it everytime.

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