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How To Easily Plasti-Dip Your Entire Car And Where To Buy The Cheapest Kit

Looking to give your old car a new look for the most inexpensive way? Try the Plasti-Dip Your Car method! Thousands of people have applied this to rims, wheels and cars on both new models and used vehicles. A complete “Dip Kit” for your car can be purchased that is relatively cheap and will contain everything to let you cover the whole or entire car for around $300 dollars. We did this to our old car and we made a review on the step by step process and the time and materials needed. This method is NOT recommended for brand new vehicles as you can remove the Plasti-Dip but over time it may pull off your cars paint in the process. This is mostly recommended for older model cars with bad paint jobs or to hide and cover dents and scratches. We used a

nice little 1987 BMW 318i for our plastidip test. (The cheapest Plasti-Dip Kit to cover your ENTIRE CAR is available here and Spray Can Kits are available here )


1 roll of Blue Tape, a DipWasher, 2 Decals, Mixing Sticks and Microfiber Towels.

There are 3 kinds of finish you can choose from – MATTE. GLOSS and PEARL Finish

MATTE FINISH – Matte kit provides a matte finish.

GLOSS FINISH – Gloss kit includes (1) Gallon of Sprayable Glossifier to provide a gloss finish

We first washed the vehicle thoroughly, let dry, then taped and covered everything we did not want covered.

Make sure you have a very sharp razor blade to cut the tape so the ends are even and do not overlap anything.

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