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Where to buy roman coins

where to buy roman coins

Welcome to CACHE' Historical and World Coins. This site is dedicated to all things Numismatic, specifically geared to general World and Roman Imperial Coinage. We also have an ever growing section devoted to Notgeld and are proud present the Harp Collection. a special showcase of our most outstanding historical coins and medals.

The primary purpose of this website is to identify and showcase coins and medals from around the world and through time. We look to pass on the history surrounding the coins, medals or banknotes you are looking at, the people depicted on them and what they say about the society and the times that created them. Money is not just a medium of exchange. It is history and art, a snapshot in time presented on small pieces of metal.

We endeavor to be an online information source for new collectors and enthusiasts as well as a gateway to resources all collectors should know about. This is in addition to our primary purpose of cataloging

and presenting our always expanding collection of coins, medals, and banknotes.

Browse this site for more information about the History of coinage and learn more about the study and collecting of money and medals under the Numismatics section. Both serve as gateways that offer select online resources that are almost all you will need to begin collecting coins with more confidence, meet others who share your interests, experts, other online databases, and much, much more. Cache Coins also hosts a Notgeld Search Feature to aid in identifying notgeld coins, notes, tokens, medals, albums, etc.

You should feel free to contact us if you are having trouble identifying a coin or if you want to know what your coin is worth. We also invite you to contact us with any comments, suggestions, corrections, or inquiries about anything related to numismatics or this website. We selectively buy coins if you are looking to sell a coin safely, trouble free, and at a fair price.

historia vitae magistra.

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