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100 Gymnastics Gift Ideas

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Here are 100 gymnastic gift ideas for your favorite gymnast! And a couple for your gymnast’s family too  For even more gymnastics gift ideas check out my 2014 Gymnast Gift Guide .

  1. I Heart Gymnastics Open Back Tank . I love the flowy, fit of this open back tank. It has I heart Gymnastics rhinestone appliqued to the front.
  2. Gymnast Pajama Pants . Pink polka dotted flannel gymnast pajama pants. I think these are super cute!
  3. Gymnastics Sweatshirt :  Hooded fleece grey and white stripe sweatshirt with the word “Gymnastics” across the front.
  4. Gymnastics Capri Sweatpant . Gymnastics soffee capri sweatpant. These would be great to wear on the way to the gym.
  5. Gymnast Sportsbra . Pink sports bra with the word “gymnast” on it in silver.
  6. Gymnastics Tote . Gymnastics tote that could be used to bring your supplies, and hold your street clothes during gymnastics class.
  7. Gymnast Backpack : Black back pack with the word “Gymnast” on the front. Would be great for a young gymnast to take to gymnastics class.
  8. Gymnast Capri Sweatpants . Fleece capri sweatpants with the word “Gymnast” on the leg in pink. Great for wearing to gymnastics class especially in the fall and winter.
  9. Gymnast Sweatshirt . Grey fleece hoodie with a simple gymnast on the front.
  10. Prewrap :  Prewrap and tape make great stocking stuffers. Gymnasts use pre-wrap under athletic tape when taping up their hands after a rip, or underneath their grips. Rainbow colored can be fun, or here is some neutral colored prewrap for meets.
  11. Athletic Tape :  Stocking stuffer to go with the prewrap
  12. Rip Guardian :  Rip Guardian is a great gymnastics stocking stuffer idea. Rip Guardian is a great product for the more advanced gymnast that gets rips. It’s a wax like substance that you can put over your rip with some tape which reduces the effects of friction and allows you to continue to train bars without the pain.
  13. Ice Bag . Ice bag for ice-ing any injures. I’m loving this pink and white polka dotted one. And it’s a great size for petite gymnasts.
  14. Grips :  Here is a guide to buying and picking out grips for your gymnast.
  15. Grip Bag :  Every gymnast needs a grip bag to hold her grips, tape, prewrap, grip brush and any other miscellaneous items. If she doesn’t already have one, this would be a cute gift–the grip bag plus all the grip accessories inside. The one in the picture is a Nastia Liukin grip bag. but here are some other grip bags .
  16. Joshua Tree Gym Salve :  Joshua Tree Gym Salve is a great stocking stuffer idea. It’s a great product that protects and heals hurt hands from bars.
  17. Glitter Hairspray – For using in your gymnast’s hair at gymnastic meets!
  18. Wristbands :  If your gymnast has a beginner grip then 2. 5 inch wristbands will work, if she has a dowel grip she will need longer 4-6 inch wristbands .
  19. Grip Brush :  A grip brush is a great gymnastics stocking stuffer idea! It is used to prevent grips from getting too slick over time from being caked with chalk. You brush the grips to make the surface rough again.
  20. Infinity Leotard :  Nylon Lycra fabric with rhinestone design. Matching hair scrunchie included.
  21. Mermaid Leotards . I love these mermaid design leos! They come in several different color combinations.
  22. Curve Grape Zebra Leotar d: This is a good quality, basic closed back tank leotard.
  23. Razzleberry Biketard . Here is a basic gymnastics unitard.
  24. Crest Glowing Hearts Leotard . A baisc lycra tank leotard. Lycra an be slightly softer and more comfortable than the hologram leotards.
  25. Gunmetal Confetti Leotard . A good-quality trendy hologram tank leotard.
  26. Hot Pink Skin Leotard . Snakeskin-like hot pink leotard with a trendy v-back. This leotard has velour straps for comfort.
  27. Dippin Dotz Gymnastics Leotard . A fun and sparkly polkda-dotted leotard, and there is a matching doll leo !
  28. Frozen Elsa Crystal Snowflake Leotard . Super cute tank Elsa leotard for a young gymnast obsessed with Frozen!
  29. Purple Zebra Leotard . Trendy Zebra leotard with a V-back. It comes in several different colors.
  30. Child’s Booty Shorts Metallic and Zebra Print . Gymnastics work out shorts with the metallic wet look.
  31. Destira Gymnast Roll Short . Flex gymnastics short with “Gymnast” embroidered on the back. Comes in different colors and with both a black and colored roll over top. Great for wearing over leotards during practice or class.
  32. Velvet Micro Short . This soft velvet micro short comes in many colors. Will go over any leotard or good for wearing to and from the gym.
  33. 9.0 Club Micro Short . 9.0 Club micro short. Great way to celebrate having a great gymnastics season!
  34. Gymnast Mesh Moxie Short . This gymnast mesh short is great for wearing to and from the gym or for a workout. A nice change from the traditional biker short.
  35. Black & Gold Lycra Micro Short s. Black lycra micro short– a staple in a team gymnast’s wardrobe and the gold one to get fancy!
  36. Gymnastics Stretch Short . Stretch shorts with Gymnastics sequin design on back. Comes in different colors.
  37. Velour Roll Over Short . Roll over short made of velour and hologram fabric.
  38. Flip/Gymnast Short . Cheerleading style short with the words “Flip” or “Gymnast” on the back. Has a v-notch leg and an elastic waistband. Perfect for wearing over your leotard during practice, to and from the gym, or when relaxing at home.
  • Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas:  Gabby Douglas’s, the 2012 Olympic All-Around Gold Medal winner’s, autobiography.
  • Winning Balance: What I’ve Learned So Far about Love, Faith, and Living Your Dreams by Shawn Johnson:  American Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast, Shawn Johnson’s memoir
  • Off Balance: A Memoir by Dominique Moceanu:  Dominique Moceanu’s memoir. She was the youngest member of the 1996 Olympic gymnastics team-the first and only women’s team to win the gold
  • Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci:  Nadia Comaneci’s memoir. Nadia Comaneci made sports history in the 1976 Olympics by scoring the first perfect 10
  • Stick It :  the gymnastics movie from the writer of Bring it On
  • 8′ Suede Low Beam :  A suede low beam is a perfect at home learning tool to practice beginner balance beam skills. Here is more information about home gymnastics equipment .
  • Sticky Hands :  Great for a preschool gymnast
  • Sectional Beam :  You can either buy one

    unit or buy multiple and connect them to make a longer at home beam. These sit flat on the floor.

  • Panel Mats . Panel mats are a must have to start practicing basic gymnastics skills at home.
  • Cartwheel Training Mat/Beam Training Mat :  A cartwheel training mat is a good option for a young gymnast (2-5 years old). The hand and feet placements help gymnasts learn a cartwheel. It can help teach or perfect a cartwheel but can also double as a mat to practice rolls and handstands on. The other side of this cartwheel training mat has an image of a beam on it, and can be used to practice balance.
  • Mini Bar . A mini bar is a unique but fun home gymnastics equipment gift.
  • Pull-Up Bar :  A pull-up bar is great for a beginner or advanced team gymnast. It’s great for building upper body strength and doing at-home conditioning.
  • Gymnastics Inspirational Poster Pack . How about a gymnastics poster for your gymnast’s room? Here is a 4 poster pack
  • Gabby Douglas Poster . I love this American flag Gabby Douglas Poster.
  • Olympic Woman’s Gymnastics Fab Five Poster :  Gymnastics poster of the Olympic Women’s gymnastics team
  • Nastia Liukin Poster . Nastia Liukin was the 2008 individual all-around Champion. The poster says “To be a champion, you must train like a champion.”
  • Shawn Johnson Poster :  Shawn Johnson was the 2008 balance beam gold medalist and team, all-around and floor exercise silver medalist. The poster says “Inspire Others, Do It Well”
  • Live Love Tumble T-Shirt
  • I’m not Short…I’m a Gymnast! T-Shirt
  • Got Balance Tee
  • Warning Gymnast T-Shirt . The t-shirt says on the front “WARNING GYMNAST Could flip at any time” and on the back it says “Keep Back 200 Ft”
  • Shawn Johnson Quote T-Shirt . T-Shirt has this Shawn Johnson Quote- “Gymnastics taught me everything- life lessons, responsibility and discipline and respect”
  • Gymnastics Football T-Shirt . “After a day of football a gymnast would be bruised, after a day of gymnastics a football player would be dead!”
  • Keep Calm and Tumble On Tee
  • If Gymnastics Were Easy Tee . “If gymnastics were any easier it would be called football”
  • You Know You’re a Gymnast When T-Shirt
  • Live Love Gymnastics Kids Tee
  • Gymnast Medal Holder . A gymnast medal holder that comes in 4 colors- black, green, pink and red.
  • Level Medal Holder . I think this is cute if you wanted to organize the medals in your gymnasts room by level. Getting a new holder each year when she moves ahead would then be a nice gift.
  • Gabby Douglas Wall Quote . “Hard days are the best because that’s when CHAMPIONS are made” inspirational wall quote by Gabby Douglas
  • Gymnastics Wall Art Stickers :  Wall decal stickers would be a quote way to decorate your gymnasts room, comes in different colors
  • I Love Gymnastics Wall Mural
  • Gymnastics Zone Sign . This small gymnastics zone sign would also make a good stocking stuffer.
  • Gymnastics Beam Wall Sticker :
  • Personalized Gymnastics Medal Holder . A gymnastics medal holder that can be personalized with your gymnasts name.  How cute would this be on the bedroom wall!
  • Gymnastics Street Sign
  • Nike V-Neck Tee : One of my favorite gym rat clothes of all time.  It’s comfortable and perfect for wearing to the gym over your leotard or for conditioning days. It’s made of dri fit material that wicks away sweat. It comes in tons of colors.
  • Nike Pros Biker Shorts . These are my favorite biker shorts–a little different than typical gymnastics shorts but I love them for working out.
  • Capri Leggings . Capri leggings are a great gift for older gymnasts. Especially ones going to college. These are great for wearing to the gym or for conditioning. Some other options for capri legging are these cheap ones from target.  Lulu crops , Nike Training Capris.  and here are Underarmour Crops .
  • Champion Sports Bra . Sports bra’s are training essentials for older gymnasts. These are my favorite sports bras–I have them in just about every color. They hold up well, they are inexpensive and they provide great support while being comfortable.
  • Mogo Design Flip for You :  Set of 3 gymnastics charms
  • Gymnastics Bottlecap Necklaces – These gymnastics bottlecap necklaces are a cute gymnastics gift and accessory for the younger gymnast.
  • Gymnastics Doll Leotard & Scrunchie . Doll leotards are all the rage this year! Get matching leotards for your young gymnast and her doll! A great gift for your young gymnast.
  • Gymnastics Dora : Dora the Explorer gymnast doll
  • Gymnast Stocking . Blue felt stocking with the word “Gymnast” on the front. Would be cute to fill this with other gymnastics gear!
  • Gymnastics Photo Album . The cover of this gymnastics scrapbook has a place to put your gymnasts picture. 12″ x 12″ album comes with 10 pages. Perfect for the crafty gymnast!
  • Barbie I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher Playset . Perfect gift for the young gymnast!
  • Gymnastics Temporary Tattoos . These temporary gymnastics tattoos would make a great stocking stuffer!
  • Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics Ipod/Iphone case . Shiny aluminum Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics case that comes in 8 different colors and can be personalized with your name! Great gift for the older gymnast!
  • Eat Sleep Gymnastics Iphone Case
  • I’d Rather be Tumbling Phone Case . This Aluminum and Silicone phone case would be a great gift for any gymnast, but especially one that is also a cheerleader.
  • Love Gymnastics Cell Phone Case
  • Gymnastics Charm . Gymnastics charm to add to your gymnast’s charm bracelet.
  • Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team Ipod/Iphone Case . Phone case with a picture of the fab five on the front!
  • Gymnastics Pin :  Gymnastics pins are a great way to celebrate your gymnasts accomplishments and milestones! They can be pinned to the front of her gymnastics jacket or to her gym bag.
  • Gymnastics Mom Phone Case :  Gift idea for that proud gym mom!
  • Grip Key Chain . Key chain with a mini pair of grips. Great gift for a new driver gymnast!
  • Dowel Grip Key Chain . Nastia Liukin dowel grip keychain. Super cute especially for the team gymnast. 
  • Gymnastics Mom T-Shirt . Gymnastics gifts for the whole family!
  • Gymnastics Dad  and Gymnastics Sibling  Tees
  • Gymnastics Mom Car Decal :
  • Stadium Seat . Stadium seats are great for those long gymnastics meets in the bleachers! They make such a difference.
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