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Technivorm Moccamaster CDGT Coffee Maker

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  • Optional $10 Pony 4x4 Coffee Sample. Please select your choice below. Visit Pony Brand Coffee's website to learn more.


The Technivorm CDGT coffee maker has an auto stop filter basket, which allows you to remove the carafe from the machine while brewing. The other change is cosmetic: the CDGT features a vertical corrugated finish in the machined metal housing underneath the water reservoir.

Of all the coffee makers on the market, we chose to carry exclusively the Technivorm Moccamaster. As one of only two coffeemakers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA), this machine is head and shoulders above the rest. Instead of thin plastic parts and unnecessary electronic gadgetry, the Technivorm CDGT is built solidly and has only an on/off switch and a three-position switch to control the flow of coffee into the carafe.

We've tested the other machines out there, and they generally make bitter, flat coffee. The Technivorm CDGT will brew your coffee the way it should be brewed, producing a clean, nuanced, and flavorful cup of coffee.


From Cook's Illustrated to Men's Journal, the reviews are consistent, glowing praise. With each machine hand built and tested in the Netherlands, you can be confident that you are making the best coffee possible. To watch Cook's Illustrated test review, elevating the Technivorm over all other

coffee makers, click on the image to the right to open a new window.


Is it worth the money?

When we first started selling coffee equipment, we had no plans to carry coffee makers. Too many of them gurgle forth disgusting coffee, are made in China, and proudly feature only one reliable function, which is their time of death, precisely two years after purchase. We've been french press and espresso people for so long that we couldn't imagine a coffee maker making a delicious brew. When we heard of the Technivorm, we knew we had to give it a try. It simply did not disappoint, and now we use it every day at the office. In fact, it brews up four to five carafes a day for us, and doesn't show any signs of wear. It weighs about eight pounds, and the European craftsmanship is evident in the quality components. The Technivorm is an investment in years of coffee drinking pleasure.

Many coffee brewers on the market have aluminum heating elements, which are prone to metal fatigue and don't get the brew water to the necessary 200 temperature. If your brew water isn't hot enough or the brew cycle is too long, you end up with sour, bitter coffee. The Technivorm's copper heating element heats the water quickly and allows for an optimal brew time of about 7 minutes for a full pot. This results in a sweet and balanced cup of coffee.

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