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Where do you do get experience to be a financial analyst?

where to find analyst reports

Olive in Princeton, New Jersey

36 months ago

I am just like everyone else here, recent graduate with Finance degree.

Joe the Analyst in North Hollywood, California

35 months ago

Finally got a Financial Analyst job in September, 2012. My new job is in a corporate finance department, not as a portfolio or investment manager.

Here's how I got my job:

1. Applied using Craig's List. It's better because it limits the applicant pool to local candidates so I wasn't competing against applicants from across the country.

2. I had to demonstrate a strong competence level with Excel and Access. I took the proficiency tests in both these programs at

It's free and gave employers an independent validation of my skill set.

3. I worked for two years as a Financial Advisor for a major retail investment company (similar to Ameriprise, Edward Jones, Fidelity) selling mutual funds, stocks and bonds to individual investors. It's very easy to get one of these jobs b/c it's mostly sales - but they give you solid financial and analytical training and licensing (Series 7 and 63). This gave me a story to tell during my interviews about how I analyzed data in Excel to identify budget variances, made cash flow forecasts and other tasks that are central to the Financial Analyst role.

My background: marketing undergrad w/ finance MBA in 2009.

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