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Today's Economic Data Enough To Push Q2 GDP By Whopping 0.1% To 0.8%

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. at least according to the Atlanta Fed. Based on the one GDP model which hasn't lost all credibility and which for the past 3 months has captured the attention to wannabe weathermen and other Wall Street strategists, today's bevy of stronger than expected data, everything from Durable Goods, to core CapEx, to New Home Sales, to Case Shiller, to Consumer Confidence, and even the Richmond Fed was sufficient to push Q2 GDP. by 0.1% to 0.8%.

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Lots of problem with US Leadership, US BAR Association, US Bankers Cartel. American Ingenuity. OR more like Injun-knewity, Guerrilla Warfare.

"Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on the Senate floor on February 26, 2015 about the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement."

The Pacific Trade Deal's Big Winner

May 22, 2015, Carl T. Delfeld

"As Pacifica 200 predicted months ago, the U.S. Senate approved fast-track authority yesterday, moving ahead the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)."

"Countries as diverse as Australia, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Canada, America, Peru and Vietnam are negotiating an ambitious pact that will supercharge trade and investment in the Pacific Rim."

Article reminds us that there is a Strategic Value for the USA in its hegemony in Asia and competition with China.

- Author provides some ideas for investment plays specifically in Vietnam who he says will be a big winner.

- Japan also looks to

be a big winner and wonder if it has provisions for moving people from Fukushima areas to USA.

"The issues covered in this historic trade deal are deep and broad. For example, sensitive agricultural markets will be opened in Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Financial services reform means foreign investors will have more opportunities to invest in fast-growing banks and consumer finance companies. Stronger intellectual property protection also means higher profits for pharmaceutical companies and the movie and music industries."

"The better play is probably processed foods and chicken and pork rather than beef since they are both more popular and less expensive. There is another reason why I consider this area the sweet spot of the trade deal. Many studies show, as disposable incomes rise, the first thing families spend more on is protein, with chicken and pork at the bulls eye."

- How will US Processed foods, chickens, and pork do after TPP. How unfortunate that US currently has Chicken farms infected with bird flu.

- Corporate Lawyers will come up against US Laws & Regulations to sue for damages, but US Workers wont be able to address slave wages in other countries or get foreign governments to enforce or investigate Worker Rights in those countries, today you may have to give gas or taxi money to police in third world countries to get them to the scene of a crime. it ain't gettin' better through "Hopium"

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