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Prepaid debit cards

How it works

Commonly used as a way to manage money more effectively, Prepaid Debit Cards can be loaded with credit and once loaded, you can then use them how you would use a debit card or a credit card!

Prepaid Debit Cards are a popular method of managing your money. They can be used if you do not have a bank account, if you prefer not to use your personal bank account details for security reasons such as when holidaying abroad or if you want to give someone access to money in a controlled environment.

Prepaid cards offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Making payments both in-store and online
  • As an alternative to travellers cheques or carrying foreign currency abroad – ideal when holidaying abroad
  • For

    cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide

  • Adding money to a pre-loaded card for family members – great for monitoring expenditure

Prepaid cards can be reloaded simply and quickly at your local Payzone store. Typically, the maximum you can load each day is £150 but this can vary depending on the type of card you hold. Once loaded with cash, they can be used in the same way as a debit or credit card, but you can only spend what money you have loaded on the card and they have no overdraft facility.

You can purchase the following Prepaid Debit Cards from many of our Payzone outlets.

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