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Where to sell foreign coins

where to sell foreign coins

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First time ever! A 1st Day NGC gold coin is available to our clients and readers of the Coin Wholesaler. A brand new $100 coin, 1 oz. of .9999 Fine Gold and a U. S. Mint total mintage of only 50,000 coins.

Struck at West Point Mint, home of America's most prestigious gold minting facility, this new coin represents America's proud numismatic heritage and glimmering future at their very best. Containing one troy ounce of .9999 fine 24-Karat Gold, these historic Mint State $100 Face coins promise to be among the most recognized and sought after of any of the last 100 years. Each coin has a 'W' mint mark and a reeded edge. The diameter is 30.6 mm and is thicker than a buffalo or American eagle. This coin is the first time ever for a $100 face value

coin and the second time as a high relief (2009 was the first year).

The coins we offer are something new for our readers. For the first time a 1st Day NGC labeled coin will be available to our readers and dealers. Population mintages of 1st Day coins are estimated to be approximately 900 pieces and the NGC label will clearly spell out that indeed the coin is a 1st Day issue. The designation "1st Day of Issue" coins are those sold by the U. S. Mint on the very first day of availability to the public. The designation "First Releases" are those coins sold and delivered in the first 30 days of availability from the U. S. Mint. Coins normally struck in the early stages of a Mint production die all exhibit enhanced characteristics of color or brilliance, design details and overall eye appeal superior to those struck with worn dies.


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