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Where was observe and report filmed

An Unidentified ‘Flying Humanoid’

Videotaped Above Santa Monica?

By Ed Sherwood

With Postscript Update of Jan. 27 th 2006

(Updated with 7MB MPEG. thanks to Santiago Yturria for creating the file.)

On July 11 th 1991 (nearly fourteen years ago), the most significant single mass

UFO sighting and event of the last century occurred above the worlds largest city, Mexico City, and other cities around Mexico. It was prophesized by the Maya 1200 years ago to usher in a new era of ‘Cosmic Awareness’ and ‘Earth Changes’, and since then much has come to pass to fulfill that prophesy (Ref. 1-4); ‘Quetzalcoatl’ it seems has ‘returned’, and to date, more UFO footage has emerged from Mexico than anywhere else on Earth, affirming we are NOT alone.

In Early 2004, Kris and I began to read about recent sightings of unidentified flying ‘humanoids’ observed in the skies over Mexico, including two daylight cases in

which the ‘entity’ had been filmed. (Ref. 5 & 6) Unprecedented in UFOlogy, ‘Unknown’ entities had been filmed flying above city neighborhoods in broad daylight! Five months later we had the opportunity to view footage from multiple sightings of these bizarre unknowns at a presentation to the Los Angeles MUFON group by Mexican UFOlogist, Santiago Yturria, and were very impressed.

Footage of what look to be flying humanoid entities, or ‘hombrecitos volodaros’, is a very recent development in Mexico’s ongoing UFO activity and is ‘high strangeness’ of the truly phenomenal kind.

Were it not for the many sightings in Mexico I probably wouldn’t have published this report for some time but, remarkably, less than four months after viewing the video evidence from Mexico, Kris and I observed something nearly identical fly over our neighborhood near our apartment, and I managed to film it!

The following report is my account of our sighting.

Sighting Details & Description

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