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Updated Tuesday 3:30 p.m.

Tick. tick. tick.

The end of our recent sunny and warm pattern has a distinct expiration date, and it's going to be abrupt. No "cooling trend", no "gradually increasing clouds", just WHAM!

And many Seattleites will cheer. (Not all of us, but I think quite a few will.)

As we've been warning all week, if you have any last outdoor camping or hiking or gardening or whatever, your best bet is to bribe your non-weather-forecast-reading coworkers to trade days off, or just get the "blue flu" and go Wednesday and Thursday. Because by Friday, and especially the weekend, the outdoors will not be a forgiving place.

In the short term, it's still Seattle summer nirvana for sun fans. After a clear night we'll see another pleasant Wednesday with mostly sunny skies and highs around 80. Thursday will be somewhat similar, only perhaps a few more clouds floating around. Don't worry, they're just the HARBINGER OF GLOOM! Highs Thursday will again be in the upper 70s to around 80.

Then, the cool, rainy pattern switch that's been essentially broken around here since April is finally repaired -- not just the "rainy for a day then gone" switch, but the "Seattle rains for nearly a week" switch.

A potent area of low pressure that's been parked offshore waiting to strike finally begins its trek toward our neck of the woods on Friday. It'll send some rain out ahead of it, so expect cloudy skies Friday with increasing showers from the southwest as the day progresses with highs in the low 70s.

The bulk of that storm comes in Friday night into early Saturday morning with steady moderate to heavy rains and blustery winds. The heaviest rain looks to be early Saturday morning, with rain tapering to showers by early afternoon. In that storm's wake, it'll be breezy with gusts to

20-30 mph with then lingering showers amid perhaps a peek of sun.

A second wave of rain soon follows -- models differ on timing between Saturday night (which would mean fewer showers Sunday) or Sunday-day, but suffice to say, more rain. Highs both weekend days will range from the mid 60s to around 70.

But wait! There's more! Read this discussion before midnight and we'll throw in an extra day of rain for Monday, absolutely free! Models indicate another front will roll in -- this one from the northwest. Again, there's some bickering between this front's strength -- the U.S. model a bit rainier than the European model, but all in all, more light rain in the forecast for Monday. When all is said and done with those three weather systems, forecast models indicate much of Western Washington will have accumulated about 2 inches of rain total, with perhaps pushing 3 inches in the mountains (and yes, some of that rain should make it to the wildfires in Eastern Washington). That would make this among the wettest Augusts on record when combined with the thunderstorm-a-ganza we had earlier this month if it verifies as forecast. Don't let the irony stick hit you too hard.

Scattered showers remain in the forecast through midweek, and then we dry out toward the end of the week and resume what look like rather pleasant conditions with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the 70s. OK, so summer technically isn't quite over by then, and Septembers traditionally have some warm days in there. So if your co-worker just read this forecast over your shoulder and now won't trade the day off with you this week (hey, quit peeking!) you might have a chance to sneak in outdoor trips after Labor Day.

Scott Sistek Meteorologist

Follow me on Twitter @ScottSKOMO and on Facebook for frequent updates on Seattle and Puget Sound area weather.

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