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Washing machine lights flashing

which reports on washing machines

If your washing machine stops working and you can see some of the lights flashing, or one or more option lights have lit up, then make a note of which lights are flashing and which option lights are lit so you can report it when booking an engineer or researching the fault. However, most flashing light error codes are listed in the technical books as LED1, LED 2 etc and not by name

If the washing machine is flashing a single light, count the number of flashes. For example, the door locked indicator may flash 7 times, pause, and flash another 7 times in a constant cycle which would indicate error code 7. If it is just flashing continuously, with no pause, then it isn’t indicating an error code. It may still have a problem, but it isn’t giving any clues.

If there is no cycle of flashes as described above, but one or more option lights have lit up then this may be the machine’s way of showing an error code. Note: The error code lists engineers have access to only show option lights by number, and not by name. Therefore you need to report the lights as LED 1 and 3, or 2 and 4 etc. and not "delay timer" and "extra rinse". Count the lights from the

left (or from the top if in a column) and report as "led 1 and 3" etc.

This information is vital, and needs mentioning when reporting a fault. I have an appliance error code section which gives further insight into why error codes aren't readily available to the public as well as explaining why many aren't much use to you anyway. Some of the more common and simple error codes are listed though – Washing machine error codes

Specific flashing light explanations specific to Hotpoint WMA models

  • Spin light flashing at end of the cycle (some Hotpoint machines)
  • Door locked light flashing: On many machines this might indicate the door isn’t closed (properly) or a fault causing the machine to “think” it isn’t closed properly even though it is (Possibly relevant – How does a washing machine door interlock work? )
  • End light flashing: On some machines (some Hotpoints for example) this can just mean the cycle has been paused. Possibly the pause button has been accidentally activated. Try pressing the start button to see if the cycle continues
  • Pre-wash light is flashing: This indicates a problem with the plumbing and that it’s timed out on fill. Check the cold water tap is turned on or check this article – won’t fill with water

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