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If you would like Morton's Totalpharmacy to dispense your NHS prescription (printed on green NHS paper in England and Wales) and you are not eligible for free prescriptions, sign the back of the prescription, post it to us and pay the appropriate charge as below.  We will despatch the same day we receive the prescription.

If you are not eligible for free NHS prescriptions, you can now pay the appropriate number of charges. Please see below if you are not sure if you have to pay for prescriptions or not.

The current charge (from April 1st 2015) is Ј8.20 per item. Count up the number of items on your prescription(s) and click 'add to cart' above. Pay that number of charges and post your prescription(s) to us.  If you are not sure about charges then contact us.

There is no extra charge unless your dispensed medication is heavy.

You may download our FREEPOST address

label (PDF format) and print your envelope, which will be treated as first class post.


Morton's Total Pharmacy

Ian Morton Ltd

Trinity Square


EX13 5AN

Note: If you hand write the address, the envelope will be treated as 2nd class post.

Some items are exempt from prescription charges (items for contraception), whilst others can carry multiple charges

‘Multiple prescription charges’ are payable where:

  1. Different drugs, types of dressings or appliances are supplied
  2. Different formulations or presentations of the same drug or preparation are prescribed and supplied
  3. Additional parts are supplied together with a complete set of apparatus or additional dressing(s) together with a dressing pack
  4. More than one piece of elastic hosiery (Anklet, Legging, Knee cap, Below knee, above knee or thigh stocking) is supplied

Items that incur no prescription charge. (Free to all patients with NHS prescriptions.)

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