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Who is exempt from 1099 reporting

who is exempt from 1099 reporting


Terms in bold are defined in the Glossary of the Instructions for Form 990.

Form 990 is an annual information return required to be filed with the IRS by most organizations exempt from income tax under section 501(a), and certain political organizations and nonexempt charitable trusts. Parts I through XII of the form must be completed by all filing organizations and require reporting on the organization's exempt and other activities, finances, governance, compliance with certain federal tax filings and requirements, and compensation paid to certain persons. Additional schedules are required to be completed depending upon the activities and type of the organization. By completing Part IV, the organization determines which schedules are required. The entire completed Form 990 filed with the IRS, except for certain contributor information on Schedule B (Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF), is required to be made available to the public by the IRS and the filing organization (see Appendix D. Public Inspection of Returns ), and can be required to be filed with state governments to satisfy state reporting requirements. See Appendix I. Use of Form 990 and 990-EZ to Satisfy State Reporting Requirements.

Reminder: Do Not Include Social Security Numbers on Publicly Disclosed Forms. Because the filing organization and the IRS are required

to publicly disclose the organization's annual information returns, social security numbers should not be included on this form. By law, with limited exceptions, neither the organization nor the IRS may remove that information before making the form publicly available. Documents subject to disclosure include statements and attachments filed with the form. For more information, see Appendix D. Public Inspection of Returns.

Helpful Hints. The following hints can help you more efficiently review these instructions and complete the form.

See General Instructions, Section C. Sequencing List to Complete the Form and Schedules, later, which provides guidance on the recommended order for completing the form and applicable statements.

Throughout these instructions, “ the organization ” and the “ filing organization ” both refer to the organization filing Form 990.

Unless otherwise specified, information should be provided for the organization's tax year. For instance, an organization should answer “ Yes ” to a question asking whether it conducted a certain type of activity only if it conducted that activity during the tax year.

The examples appearing throughout the instructions to Form 990 are illustrative only. They are for the purpose of completing this form and are not all-inclusive.

Instructions to the Form 990 schedules are published separately from these instructions.

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