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Why Own An ATM Machine?

1. Increase in sales

- ATM customers spend 20 – 25% more at your business than non-ATM customers

- The average amount spent from an ATM withdrawal is about 30 – 50% – money that will be spent at your business

2. Increase in new customers

3. Increase in profit from surcharges of ATM transactions (surcharge amount is set by owner).

4. Customers are more likely to seek out store locations that have ATMs

5. More transactions equals more profit

Purchasing your first ATM machine can feel like an overwhelming process. The truth is that purchasing an ATM machine is one of the easiest and cost effective solutions available to business owners. We will walk you through the entire process and do our utmost to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Purchasing an ATM

There are several things to consider when contemplating buying an ATM machine. Ask yourself these questions: Is your business in a location that has a high volume of foot traffic? Do you want to increase that foot traffic? Is your business large enough to justify the cost of buying an ATM? What are your business hours of operation? What type of payments does your business accept? By answering these questions, we will be able to determine the number of transactions your ATM machine can be expected to produce on a daily basis.

Why own an ATM machine?

A business that owns an ATM machine has an immediate increased attraction to the public. No employees or storefront are required. The machine does all the work independent of human supervision. It dispenses money day and night, rain or shine, as it returns a potential incremental profit with each disbursement. Instantly start receiving direct ACH deposits from your ATM surcharge income.

Start-up costs are at an all-time low which makes the purchase of an ATM machine more affordable and profitable than ever before.

National ATM Wholesale does all the work while you reap the benefits. We handle the operation, maintenance, servicing, repair, and transaction processing for all of your ATM machines. Best of all, there are no hidden fees. All ATM machine purchases include taxes, shipping costs, and a one-year parts warranty.

Why haven’t I heard of ATM ownership before?

The myth surrounding ATM machines is they are owned and operated by the infamous banking industry. The truth is that most ATM machines are individually owned and operated by business owners seeking a strong “Return on Investment” (ROI). For more information on ATM investment opportunities, click here.

Will my ATM have to compete with the bank ATMs?

Banks do indeed play a big role within the ATM industry. However, they represent less than 40% of the ATM market. These banks are unable to sustain high volume locations since they do not collect any surcharge fees from their customers. This hinders their ability to cover the costs of the equipment and its repairs.

Since the banking reforms in recent years, more ATM users are avoiding paying banking fees by using bank ATMs where withdrawals are free for its customers. This means that bank ATMs have become less profitable so there are less of them in the marketplace. Non-bank ATMs do not compete with banks because they target areas that are not serviced by banks. These ATM owners are earning larger profits because they get paid for every transaction.

What costs are associated with ATM machine ownership?

When you buy an ATM, you must pay the initial cost of the machine. That cost includes everything: the machine, taxes, shipping, processing, and a one-year parts warranty. There are absolutely no additional charges or hidden fees associated within the sale of our ATM machines.

When do I start to see a return on my investment?

Immediately! Once the sale is complete and your ATM machine goes live, you start earning money. You will receive your surcharge income via ACH direct deposit that goes directly into your checking account on a daily basis. Buying an ATM machine is the easiest way to immediately increase profits for your business.

National ATM Wholesale offers a myriad of services including ATM processing, sales, and free placement services for merchants in need of their own machine. Whether you are in the market to buy an ATM machine or are simply looking for a machine placement, National ATM Wholesale is your one-stop shop for all of your ATM needs. We only provide state-of-the-art equipment, skilled repair technicians, and superior customer service to our clients.

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