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French suffer another Waterloo defeat after Belgium mints 2½ euro coins commemorating British-led forces' victory over Napoleon 





The furious French today woke up to a new two-and-a-half euro coin commemorating their defeat by a British-led force at the Battle of Waterloo.

It follows weeks of protest at plans to mint a two euro one to mark the 200th anniversary of the fighting.

The French had objected to the original coin - saying it would create conflict within the European Union.

'Our goal is not to revive old quarrels': Belgian finance minister Johan Van Overtveldt unveils the new coin, which was made in his country after France objected to a special two euro commemoration


Clever: The Belgians took advantage of a loophole in the rules which allows individual countries to mint their own coins if they are in an unusal denomination - hence the 'half'

Belgium was forced to scrap almost 200,000 two-euro coins after a letter from the Paris government said it would receive an 'unfavourable reaction in France'.

It added that Waterloo had 'a particular resonance in the collective consciousness that goes beyond a simple military conflict'.

But now Belgium has taking advantage of a rule allowing EU countries to issue coins of their own if they are in an irregular denomination.

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