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Welcome To Gold Why! My site is all about gold . Are you interested in learning more about gold bullion coins and bars? Perhaps you're more interested in numismatics? How about gold jewelry or even shares of gold mining companies? I cover all topics relating to gold. Moreover, I also cover other precious metals (silver, platinum, and palladium) and even some base metals (copper bullion). To get you started, my site is organized around five main sections:

  • Brand New Gold Articles - is an old site and I've written many, many gold articles over the years. To make it easy for old-time readers (and new ones too) to find the brand new articles, I decided to create this brand new section, front-and-center at the top of my homepage. Check out this section for my latest and greatest thinking, tips, and thoughts around gold in 2014 and beyond.
  • Gold Articles & Information - Most of my articles are roughly 1,000 words and contain detailed analysis and information. I cover topics as unique as diversifying within your gold bullion portfolio. buying gold bullion coins from well known gold shops. a review of copper mint Jetco Minting. hiding your gold coins in a safe place. and even an exclusive interview with River City Coins. All of my articles are carefully complemented with exciting and unique images of gold.
  • Pictures of Gold Bullion - My gold pictures (and accompanying mini articles) differ from my articles in that the picture drives the article. I have had a difficult time online finding unique images and information about gold and I decided to do something about it with my images of gold and also other metals including silver and even copper bullion. Some of my most popular gold image pages include Gold American Eagle Coins. South African Gold Krugerrands. and copper bullion.
  • Gold

    Videos - I'm pleased to offer videos all about gold, silver, and copper bullion. Gold Why's library of videos is rapidly expanding and I recommend checking them out, especially my brand new video about tenth ounce gold coins. My gold coin videos are now shot in amazing HD quality video so you'll definitely want to check back regularly.

  • Gold Questions & Answers - After writing over 160 great articles, I'm sometimes unsure where to go next. Thankfully, my amazing readers (you) have sent in a huge number of questions over the years and I'm pleased to be answering them in my new Q&A section. My answers are typically quite involved and cover such exciting topics as 22 karat versus 24 karat gold and mini gold coins. Right now, I'm answering one new gold question every single week!

I sincerely hope you find my site interesting, informative, and exciting. Would you like to suggest a topic? Don't hesitate to contact me. Interested in learning more about me, your Gold Why webmaster and author? You may wish to start out with my article on Why I Created Gold Why. Looking for a quick snapshot of the price of gold (it certainly has been volatile lately)? Make sure to bookmark my gold price page. Once you're ready to start buying gold bullion, you'll want to make sure to check out the Gold Why Store. Have a question about gold? Ask away in our gold questions & answers section. Many of the best articles on this site are the result of questions from readers like you! As a closing tip, I highly suggest signing up for Gold Why's email newsletter. My newsletter offers exclusive articles and information not available on the site. I sincerely thank you for visiting my site and please come back as I update the site regularly.

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