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Why buy bonds

why buy bonds

Bankruptcy: Patriot Coal Leveraged Loan To See 80% Recovery Under Reorg Plan

Patriot Coal filed an amended reorganization plan and disclosure statement yesterday with the bankruptcy court overseeing its Chapter 11 proceedings reflecting the deal announced yesterday to sell its remaining assets to an affiliate of the Virginia conservation Legacy Fund. read »

Yield Curve Moves Explained With Three Words

For the past few days we have seen a "flattening" in the U.S. Treasury yield curve. We have seen the front end yields (3 years and shorter) move higher as bonds have sold off. At the same time, we have back end yields (10 years and longer) move lower as those bond prices rose. read »

How Exposed Is Europe To A Chinese Economic Slowdown?

European stock markets posted their worst day since the 2008 crisis yesterday with the FTSE 100 closing down 4.7%, the German DAX 4.7%, France’s CAC 5.4%, Spain’s IBEX 5% and Italy’s FTSE MIB 6% off

the back of huge falls in Asian markets. Much of this has been linked back to huge falls in Chinese and emerging market equities. While this link should not be overdone – China was likely a catalyst if not the cause of such a huge market shift (after all how much actually changed[. ] read »

Blair Hull Beat Black Monday, Now His ETF Is Staying Ahead Of The Market Correction

When the Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 8% at the open of trading on Monday, financial pundits wondered aloud if the selling would be another Black Monday. But one investor, who earned an enduring place in Wall Street trading lore after profiting from the panic of October 1987 was more than prepared for a second act. read »

Libyan Investment Authority: Bouhadi's View, Part 2

This is the second part of an interview with Hassan Bouhadi, chairman of the Libyan Investment Authority. Please click here for part one. read »

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