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Why I Love Silver - The Perfect Investment Bullion


I think it is beautiful, fun to collect and a great way to invest money for short term and long term reasons. Using a variety of markets to acquire silver coins, silver rounds and silver bars I have accumulated a sizeable collection and have recently started selling back to the world here on eBay. This is mostly a hobby at this point, but it also proof of concept. The precious metals I have acquired are still of good value and bringing an actual profit even though the items I sell must be packaged and shipped.

There are many different ways one may invest their money these days. In fact there are probably more options now than ever before. You can easily buy stocks, bonds and invest in mutual funds online and local banks and financial institutions offer a variety of other options to those who are looking for a way to grow their money and keep it safe for the future. However, there is one problem with many of these options, many of them involve paying a service provider to invest. Stock trades cost, investment brokers cost and other investment options like mutual funds and 401K programs have many rules about minimum deposits and total yearly amounts that you can put away.

This is one reason that some people think that just throwing their money is a sock drawer may be the best solution. but of course that is not true either. Just think if your home burned down or if the value of the US Dollar plummeted?

The answer is simple. The dollar from any government is only as strong as the economy in that country. When the economy starts to falter, so does the value of your money. Now, silver on the other hand has proved that its price will spike as the economy gets into trouble. This is one of the basic strategies of any money miser, keep

your investments spread wide, so you never lose your hat!

Gold and silver bullion have had a solid value for hundreds and even thousands of years, this will not change. A great example of how the value of the dollar changes, but the value of silver and gold stay the same is the cost of a nice suite. 100 years ago you could by a fine quality suite for one ounce of gold, today you can buy a fine quality suite for one ounce of gold. You see the value of the dollar changes constantly because of false inflation by the government printing more money, but the value of silver and gold simply does not change.

Gold is a great investment, however I have found that the lower price makes it much easier for the average Joe to start a really valuable collection on a budget. I think more Americans should be investing, many people do not have any savings or investments at all. You can start buying silver for a few dollars for one gram bars and can start your silver round or silver coin collections around twenty to thirty dollars and this is even a great idea for those that have other investments. Diversifying your savings is always a good way to assure your future financial state.

5 Reasons Silver Is A Great Investment

    It's Value Is Rather Stable Through Time

Precious Metals Have An Aftermarket Value Beyond Face Value

Can Be Utilized To Make Jewelry, Electronics and Other Valuable Goods

Beautiful And Collectable

Low Price To Enter Market

I hope you enjoyed reading my rant on silver here. Check out the Silver Authorit y eBay listings if you are interested in investing in small silver bullion like 1 gram silver bars or 1 ounce silver coins. We offer many no reserve listings and highly competitive prices.

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