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Why did paypal charge me a dollar

why did paypal charge me a dollar

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" I am sorry I have ever heard of this company.

When a business wants your banking information, but doesn't have a telephone number and a customer service department "RED FLAGS" should be going off in your head.

I have attached the communications that have gone back and forth. In short I listed 4 items for sale. I was contacted about 1 of them and asked how I wanted payment although it was plainly listed in the ad. I would only accept Postal Money Orders. I was asked if I could wait 4 days and he would overnight the funds to me, I agreed. The funds didn't arrive on the 5th, 6th nor the 7th day as I had been promised nor had I been contacted. So, I sold my firearm to a local gun shop that was going to do the shipping for me. The funds came on the 8th day and on a bank check which is NOT a form of payment I had listed nor discussed, I sent the entire envelope back. Gunbroker contacted me via email and said they were taking the funds for the sale out of my bank account. I replied that the firearm sale was NOT consummated and that there were no funds due them. At this point I aslo asked how to close my account and stop all future bank transactions. They told me I could not as long as I had any open listings. I proceeded to close all of the listings and then again requested my account be closed. On Christmas Eve they again withdrew funds for a sale that never occurred out of my account. I have sent emails but they seem to not be responding.

This is our e-mail trail,

12/23/2014 9:02:34 PM

Steven Hyde My next step is the BBB, Angies List, a google blog and legal actions. You have until 10:00 am eastern time tomorrow 12/24/2014.

12/23/2014 8:59:26 PM

Steven Hyde The buyer offered to overnight a check if I would wait 4 days for him to do so, I agreed. Instead he mailed me a check, not overnight as he had offered nor a postal money order as we had agreed. Since

i had not hesrd nor received after waiting a week I sold the gun to my local gun shop at a loss. You had signified that you were going to charge me for this transaction in the past and you stopped it. Now you are doing it again. Please place my funds back in my account as I had requested on our last e-mail how to close this account and you had told me that if I had nothing to sell then it would close automatically. I cancelled the 3 items I had listed and yet again you steal funds out of my account. I wnat my monies back immediately and you to cease and desist from yaking any more monies from my account. Sincerely, Steven Hyde I really don't want to persue this legally so please just refund the monies and we can be done with it.

12/8/2014 2:20:06 PM

Steven Hyde Ok, there are no open accounts. The buyer of my sig P938 asked me to wait 4 days and then he would overnight me the funds. He asked how I would accept them and I replied US Postal money order only. He responded that he would overnight it on Tuesday so I would have the funds on Wednesday of last week. Nothing Wednesday nor Thursday and no contact form the buyer so I sold my gun to a local gun store, where it was being held to ship to the buyers FFL gun store. Therefore there are no monies due, nothing is lsited and I would like all my information removed. P.S. the buyers check came late Friday and was immediately sent back to him. So please close my account and remove all of my information from your files.

12/8/2014 10:59:36 AM

GBSupport1111 You will need to complete all transactions and bring the account balance current. You can then remove the payment information on the account. At that time, you can contact Customer Support to close the account.

12/8/2014 5:47:26 AM

Steven Hyde Please advise how I may close my account and cancel my information including but limited to my bank and credit card.

They are a shoddy outfit and I highly suggest you sell your firearms locally and avoind this type of company. "

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