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Council Tax Support Scheme

The Council Tax Support Scheme provides financial assistance to Council Tax payers on a low income whether they rent or own their own home, or live rent-free, by reducing the amount of Council Tax they have to pay. The level of support provided under Council Tax Support may be significantly lower for some customers than they previously received under the Council Tax Benefit scheme. Claimants of a state pension age continue to receive the same level of support as they did under Council Tax Benefit. Claims for working age claimants are assessed differently.

    People on low income who are liable to pay Council tax may be entitled to help.

How is it worked out?

The Council will look at the money you and your partner have coming in as well as your savings. The Council will also look at your other circumstances such as your age and whether anyone else lives with you. With this information the Council will work out if you qualify for Council Tax Support. If you can get Council Tax Support, this will not affect the amount of money you receive in other benefits. The main aspects of the Council Tax Support Scheme for working age claimants are:

    A maximum limit of 80% to the amount of Council Tax Support that can be paid Council Tax Support is limited

    to the level that would be given for a band B property. You can find more information at the Council Tax Support Scheme page

How to claim

You can claim Council Tax Support straight away by using the online application form at

Getting help to pay your bill

If you find monthly payments difficult, you can arrange to pay your bill weekly or fortnightly. If you choose this will need to notify us so that we can amend your instalment details.

You can arrange to pay your Council Tax bill by 12 monthly instalments. If you choose this method you will need to email the Council Tax Team at by the 4 April 2015 so that we can amend your instalment details.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please make early contact by using the contact details at the back of this booklet. We will check that your bill is correct, and identify any reductions you may be entitled to that you have not claimed.

Alternatively you can contact:

Welfare Rights Debt Advice Service

Tel: 0800 328 0008 if you are experiencing

mortgage difficulties.

Mincom: 0161 342 2283

A drop-in session runs every first and third Thursday of the month at the Council Offices Ashton-under-Lyne between 9.30am and 12 noon - no appointment necessary.

Detailed below are other agencies, which offer free advice if you are experiencing financial difficulties:

Tameside Citizens Advice Bureau

Tel: 0161 342 5005

National Debtline

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