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The 2015 Lotusbits Carfax Rally – Saturday August 8th.


The Carfax Trophy Winners 2015 – Dave Willett and John Davies


All photographs courtesy of Andrew Manston []

A full gallery of the event competitors can be seen on Andrews web site at


Other class award winners pictures are shown lower on this page.

Simon Marks – Clerk of the Course writes

I would like to thank absolutely everyone that was involved in this year’s Lotusbits Carfax Stage Rally for their help in making the 2015, 30th running of the event an absolute stunner – one of our best.

Nineteen club members and friends took Friday off work to set up the stages on the airfield. About 900 cones, plus signage and old tyres were arranged to set out the stages and, other than a small area that was in use by Drift Elite – a drifting school that uses the airfield every week, we all left at teatime with everything set up.

After last year’s hurricane, the weather forecasters had the predictions absolutely right this year and we all gathered with the sun rising over the old V bomber airfield. The set up crews finished off where the drift school had been and sound testers, scrutineers and signing-on team worked hard to get through the field of 72. The first car went into SS1 at 9.15hrs, as planned. Apologies that the start times never made it onto the SS1 time cards – a note has been added for the debrief meeting for next time.

Though an unusually large number of cars took a wrong direction at the split on the first stage, things quickly settled down and whilst many marshals had a lot of running about to do recovering and repositioning clipped cones at some junctions, we really did have a trouble free day with no serious incidents requiring a stage stoppage and most of the retirements either took place in service or with cars that were able to self-recover from the stages so the few recoveries that were left were easily accomplished during the stage change times between the pairs of stages.

Thank you to all competitors for their respect for the course markers. As an organiser, one of the biggest fears is all the stage markers being scattered and destroyed by passing cars and for this not to have taken place, Oxford Motor Club is very grateful. The stage change crews managed to effect their changes in a timely fashion and all ten planned stages ran – giving a total stage distance of some 66 miles.

On such a hot day, and with the (primarily) concrete surface offering a lot of grip, gearboxes and transmissions were the primary reasons cited for most of the 31 retirements during the day. Head gaskets als suffered – a couple most spectacularly during the stages with the cars leaving vapour trails and the Havens’ historic Ford Escort RS2000 totally disappearing in its own oily smoke cloud on the finish line!

The last car finished SS10 an 17.27 and provisional results were posted on the notice board at 17.31hrs. The awards were duly presented half an hour later.

David Willet and John Davies took the win with their well driven Ford Escort Mk2. Second overall were Carl O’Grady and Ian Davies in the Nissan Sunny F2, despite struggling with poor steering lock on a couple of the tight hairpins on the course. In third place was another Escort Mk2 – this one crewed by Robert and Nicola Davies. It looked as if you needed at least one Davies in the car to get a podium yesterday!

The hard working Oxford Motor Club team had the venue cleared downby 19.30hrs and with everything strapped down, the convoy of cars, trailers and caravan headed for home (or unloading at the club store) at 20.00hrs.

On behalf of Oxford Motor Club, I would like to pass on a huge THANK YOU to all the organising team, to the marshals (whose appearance all moved up three or four

shades of red on the colour chart under the relentless sunshine), to the radio crews, Paramedic, Rescue and Recovery Crews, to our ever-enthusiastic sponsor, Lotusbits and, finally, to the landowner and their Site Manager for continuing to let us use this excellent venue.

Class Award Winners

1st   Car  48     Paul Davis and Keith Richings    Vauxhall Corsa

2nd           33     Adam Fuge and Sam Brown        MG ZR

3rd            29    Barri Wilmot and Clare Bird         Vauxhall Nova

1st   Car 15    Wynne Watkins and Emma Todd  Subaru Impreza

2nd         26   Ian Mundell and Dale Gordon         Subaru Impreza

3rd          13   Paul Kirtley and David Jones          Subaru Impreza WRC

Mark Donaldson Trophy    Car 52    Rod Haven and Kevin Haven

Spirit of the Rally                   Car 27  Barney Lower and Samm Keeley

Some of the positive comments we have received:

Congratulations to all, it was a great club effort.

Thanks to all at Oxford Motor Club, for a top event, our first time at the venue and it won’t be our last.

Thanks to all at Oxford MC for a great day, it was a well run event and I enjoyed the stage layout, also thanks to all the marshals who braved the heat all day [not often you get to say that]

Thank you  to all the organisers and marshals for a great day at the Carfax.

The work you have done at the venue was definitely worth it as it was soooo much smoother than last year. Top marks for a having a ladies only loo!

I’ll be back next year, great event, great people, club and venue.

Well, what can I say, an absolutely fantastic day, big thanks to Oxford Motor Club, all the marshals etc etc for putting on such a splendid event. really enjoyed it, great fun all round.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all at Oxford motor Club for what was probably one of the best single venue rallies I’ve done. Brilliantly organized, marshalled etc. the stages were fantastic, fast flowing with a great variety.

I was really impressed by the way Simon had planned the stages, then arranged stage and equipment change rounds, and with all the marshals and officials organization, it all seemed to run slickly.   Great event, thoroughly enjoyed the day, helped by good weather.

Would just like to say that I have been competing on events over the last 10 years as a co-driver, this was my first time competing on this event, and it was by far the best.

Stages were superb, well arrowed, well organized, and not too much time in between stages, and results were up asap!

Great value for money. Everybody from Oxford Motor Club, the marshals and other competitors were extremely helpful and friendly

Will definitely  be doing this event next year and will drag a few of my friends to compete on this event as well.   10 out of 10!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all the organisers for a great event, and for all the help you have been with the arrangements. A lot of clubs can learn from your example!!

Many, many thanks for running a brilliant rally. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the variation of the stages flowed well and were challenging…which was great.

Thank you all for a brilliant day’s rallying and appreciate all the hard work that goes into organising  the event.

Many thanks to you and the team as it was a really good event yesterday – we both had a great day and the weather was so much better than last year!

Many thanks to Oxford MC for a very well run event and thanks to all the marshals for the help they provided.

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