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How much are gold coins

how much are gold coins

Gold is the insurance part of a investment portfolio because gold itself will always maintain at least some value, no matter what disaster may happen on earth. The values of all other financial instruments change, but gold itself is immutable and unchanging and will always hold real value.

For almost all investors, whether they are deploying $500 or $500k into gold, buying national gold bullion coins is an ideal solution.Various countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa mint special national coins that contain one ounce of fine gold. There are slight differences between the national coins, which include the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Nugget, and South African Krugerrand, but they are all outstanding coins. Your coin dealer can explain the nuances of each coin to you in great depth, but they all serve the same investment purpose.

National gold bullion coins have several key advantages for gold investors.

  1. They have a low premium over content compared to other forms of physical gold. They give you the most gold for your dollars for whatever amount of capital you wish to deploy into gold.
  • These national gold bullion coins are

    immediately recognized worldwide. If you happen to buy some Canadian Maple Leaf on a vacation you can easily sell these very same coins later by walking into any coin store in the entire world. By contrast, if you were to buy gold bars, they are quite difficult to sell because the buyer has to make sure they are legitimate and their stated gold content is correct.

  • Gold coins are exceedingly easy to store. Because of their small unit nature, it is much easier to store or carry 40 one-ounce gold bullion coins than a single 40-ounce gold bar.Gold coins will also fit into all kinds of discreet hiding places around a house that are simply too small for a gold bar.
  • Finally, with gold coins you can easily sell any fraction of your physical gold portfolio you wish for any reason.If you buy 100 Australian Nuggets and later you need to sell to raise some cash for some expense, you can take 1, 10, or as many gold coins as you wish out of your gold investment to sell immediately.With easily divisible gold coin investments you are never stuck in an “all-or-nothing” mode regarding your physical gold holdings.
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