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how much are legal fees when buying a house

Buying A Business Can Be The Best Decision You Ever Make.

Or It Can Be The Worst One.

The business you buy will determine your financial future. When you buy a good business and negotiate the right price and deal terms, the rewards can be phenomenal. But, if you make any key mistakes during the process, or you buy the wrong one, the results can be disastrous!

This is not a scare tactic - it is reality.

Over the past twenty five years, I have personally purchased thirteen businesses (I've since sold 11 of them) and our guides have been used by business buyers in more than 80 countries to buy good businesses, and more importantly, to avoid buying the wrong ones.

I know from first-hand experience how buying a good business can change someone's life. That is exactly what happened to me. The financial and quality of life benefits I have enjoyed as a result have been incredible.

I have also lived the flip-side and the financial hardship was unbearable.

The good news is that buying a good business and negotiating great deal terms is easy; once you know exactly how to do it. But don't fool yourself about how much is involved or the expertise you need to make the right decisions.

You cannot guess your way to success.

You cannot rely on a business broker or the word of a seller.

You must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge you will need to deal with the non-stop high stakes decisions you will have to make, and surround yourself with experienced advisors who will provide you with expert, unbiased advice at each step along the way. That is precisely what our materials and ongoing support will do for you.

Just like any major decision, when you have the right information, it's easy to make good decisions. But without

the necessary knowledge, you will end up with a huge financial mess.

Before You Buy A Business.

How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price © is "the mostly widely used strategy guide for buying a business ." This is not a simple generic introductory book on the subject. It combines critical knowledge and proven strategies for each stage of the process and every situation you'll encounter, along with expert ongoing consulting.

If you're serious about buying a business, and especially if you've never bought one before, you've arrived at this website because you want to have the right information and access to unbiased, expert advice to make the right decision.

How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price © is based upon countless business investigations and successful transactions in every field including manufacturing, retail, a huge array of service sector companies, the food industry and wholesale and distribution businesses.

The material contains over 500 pages of easy to follow strategies, legal agreements, interactive resources, sample letters, case studies, financial spreadsheets, worksheets, and business plan templates.

Written by renowned expert Richard Parker, who has personally purchased eleven businesses and is recognized as "the small business acquisition authority".

Along with the program you'll consult directly with Richard and a team of experts as often as you wish during the process.

"If your dream is to take control of your future by owning your own business, there's a great shortcut - buy a business that's already up and running. Buying a business can accelerate your path to financial independence and eliminate many of the risks of a start-up. The rewards can be immense - but you have to do your homework. And with Richard Parker's How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price as your guide, you'll be about ten times more likely to succeed!"

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