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CoinSite – Old Coins & Paper Money

New to coin collecting? Want to know more about old coins and paper money?

You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a compilation of numismatic information, coin and paper money prices, history, images, articles, opinions, questions and answers – all dealing with old and rare coins and paper money. Assembled over a period of some 35+ years by two collector/coin dealers, putting it all on the CoinSite has truly been a “labor of love” for us. Please explore and enjoy.

Don’t know the difference between a Peace  or a Morgan silver dollar. Want to know all about Lincoln cents , Mercury dimes , U.S. paper money , silver certificates  or why old coins are not necessarily valuable. Learn all this and more about coins and collecting right here. You’ll find the history, values and story behind all U.S. coin types made since the U.S. Mint first struck coins

in 1793. There’s also a numismatic FAQ. a “What’s it Worth?” section for coin values  and paper money values , hundreds of spectacular images  of some unusually special copper, silver and gold coins, as well as a huge archive of the Coin Doc’s Answers  to search or browse. It’s not only informative, it’s fun!

Selling old coins or paper money?

CoinSite Buyers  is a hassle-free way for coin collectors and others to sell coins and paper money. Whether it’s a partial collection or just an accumulation of coins you have laying around, we’ll buy it all. And it’s as easy as going to your local Post office. With over four decades of numismatic experience and serving customers online for over 18 years, we make it reliable, safe and easy to sell your coins and paper money items by mail. Check out our Special Buy Prices – updated daily!

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